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Women's Car Rally 2020 #DriveToDiscover at Ananta Ecostays Resort ghistovid foods

Womens Car Rally 2020 Drive to Discover Ananta Ecostays Resort

Celebrate The Spirit of Womenhood At This 

Weekend Getaway Destination 

If you are an avid follower of my blog then I am sure you remember My First Camping/Glamping trip blog post at Ananta Ecostays Resort in Khodala Village. Recently I revisited this resort for an all Women's Car Rally #DriveToDiscover event which was organized by the Ananta Ecostays team. At this event around 25 women driven cars participated in the rally from Mumbai till Khodala which was held on 1st and 2nd Feb 2020. 
Drive to Discover Womens Car Rally 2020

The flag of the race was done by the gorgeous Actress/ Writer Nivedita Tiwari who motivated the participants before the rally. There were local Indian drummers to cheer and raise the energy levels of women participants.
Womens Car Rally 2020 Drive to Discover Ananta Ecostays Resort

All these power women were so up their game and used the perfect skills and techniques to win the rally. Every participant had to follow the map and complete tasks on the go to make the event more exciting. Sanjjari Kashyap and Falguni Parmar were the winners of the rally, each of these individuals represented strong successful independent women of today. 
Womens Car Rally Drive to Discover 2020, Ambreen Shaikh, Foodhist Journey

After the rally there was an entire line up of fun activities and adventure, where the ladies got this great opportunity to come together, break free from normal routine life and connect with successful leaders and women entrepreneurs. "A woman is the full circle - within her is the power to create, nurture and transform!" To celebrate this spirit Ananta had organized this event. 
Womens Car Rally 2020

Womens Car Rally 2020

Roadmap Ananta Ecostays Womens Car Rally 2020

The event included an overnight stay in camping /glamping tents, Motivational inspiring talk on Discovering your own divinity by Eika Banerjee, Unleash your potential - Firewalk with success coach Kalyani Kamble followed by DJ night by DJ Paps, barbecue, Star Gazing by Parag Thakker, bonfire, Awakening Conscious Living talk by Suri Mangat from School of Awakening and being a Google Crowdsource Representative even I had the opportunity to share brief insights on Google Crowdsource - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with these successful women entrepreneurs who came from different fields as some were Archaeologist, someone was a lawyer, CA, CEO's, healer, Conscious Consultants, fitness trainers, owners, founder's, influential powerful personalities and much more... The event was covered by the local media as well and it also had sponsors and partners like 104.8 Ishq FM Radio channel. 
Womens Car Rally 2020, Motivational Talk

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Barbecue at Ananta Ecostays

Barbecue at Ananta Ecostays

Star Gazing at Ananta Ecostays
Captured the Beautiful Moon at Star Gazing Event Ananta Ecostays
 About Ananta Ecostays: Ananta Ecostays is situated on a serene mountain top of the Sahyadri ranges. Ananta is set in a peaceful rural landscape, beautifully carved out of a mountain amidst 15 acres of mango and cashew orchards located at Khodala village, Palghar District, Maharashtra. The resort is surrounded by natural forest and waterfalls. There are home grown organic vegetables, crops and multitude of fruit trees and wild flowers amidst the property. Ananta has 6 air-conditioned super luxury tents, 14 Glamping tents with modern amenities.
A special thank you to Pallav Nagar and Anjali Gulati the founder of Ananta Ecostays and People Konnect for organizing this amazing event. 

So friends if you wish to attend future exciting and relaxing healing events by Ananta Ecostays then do Email - anantaecotel@gmail.com
or you can even connect with me foodhist.journey@gmail.com

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