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Birdsong Cafe The Organic Cafe, Hill Road Bandra West Mumbai Food Review ghistovid foods

Vegetable loaded homemade quesadilla at Birdsong Cafe Bandra West Mumbai

Interesting Decor and Organic Food at Birdsong Cafe 

If you want to spend quality time with yourself and enjoy some delicious healthy organic food then Birdsong Cafe is the perfect go-to place. What attracted me the most about this cafe was it's unique under construction site look, beautiful ambiance and decor. The bricked wall, long arched windows and fairy lights give you a feel of Goa which was pretty interesting. Oh! and you must check out the washroom which had old vintage light switch buttons.
Birdsong Cafe The Organic Cafe Bandra West Mumbai

The entrance is gorgeous with a graffiti wall and some freshly baked food products placed beautifully on the display counter.  This Cafe is favorite amongst celebrities as it is located in a very narrow quiet lane at Hill Road Bandra West Mumbai, in an isolated space near old heritage cottages. There is seating created on a level up which has a very cozy appeal. Here people can sneak in spend me-time without getting noticed or bothered by the crowd.

Birdsong Cafe The Organic Cafe Bandra West Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe The Organic Cafe Bandra West Mumbai

Birdsong Cafe is an organic cafe which has a very extensive menu, that includes fresh organic foods and bakery items like cookies, muffins, cakes etc... The seating is very comfortable here, the furniture was classic and has a table service set up. This place is great for coffee and fresh bakes. In my personal experience, I feel the cafe lacked a bit in service as I felt the waiters could have known the menu better. As compared to other cafe's it also lacked a bit in presentation as all recommended signature beverages and signature dishes didn't stand out for me. I feel the way the entire decor is made interesting even the signature dish or beverage could have been made equally interesting.

Now coming to the food this is what I tried:

1. Lemonade

(Birdsong Cafe Signature Lime Juice)
Rs 160
Decent drink

2. Birdsong signature Lemon Ginger

Rs 200
Strong flavour of Ginger and lemon very refreshing but it lacked any fresh elements or simple presentation.
Birdsong Cafe The Organic Cafe Bandra West Mumbai

3. Vegetable loaded homemade quesadilla

(whole wheat homemade quesadilla served with vegetable and tangy fruit salad.) 
Rs 350
This was very delicious. The vegetable quesadilla had tasty Rajma (beans) filling. The fresh fruit salad was tangy and spicy there were diced apple and pineapple flavor with a hint of chili. Loaded with a spoon fill of Avacado paste and freshly chopped tomatoes covered with hung curd. Good dish.
Plantain chips Birdsong Cafe The organic cafe bandra west mumbai

4. We love Plantain Chips 

Rs 300
Lovely crispy and tasty Plantain Chips served with a tangy tamarind dip and sprinkled with dry chilli spice.
Menu Birdsong Cafe The organic cafe

Birdsong Cafe The organic cafe

Birdsong Cafe The organic cafe

My Experience:

Place: Birdsong Cafe - The Organic Cafe

Parking: Valet Available
Price: Moderate to Expensive
Taste: Good but vs expectation it was not extraordinary
Quality: Good
Quantity: Good
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance: Not Available
Restroom: Available
Seating: Comfortable
Presentation: 3*/5
Ambiance: Amazing
Crowd: Attracts an affluent crowd
Table Service
All Day Breakfast
Indoor Seating
Vegan options
Service: Quick
Staff: Friendly but needs to be trained more in terms of food served
Gluten-Free options and Fresh bakes
Wifi Available
Overall Value for Money 4*/5
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/NDtNLeK4ZpxvpkHA6
Timings: Mon - Sun: 9 am - 11:30 pm

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