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Best Heritage Bakery J. Hearsch (Since 1920) Bandra West Mumbai ghistovid foods

J Hearsch bakery Veg Burger
J Hearsch Best Heritage Bakery is a 
Must visit in Mumbai 

Grab the best freshly baked puff's, patties, croissants, samosas, pastries, hot dogs, sandwiches, rolls, chocolate balls, burgers and other delicious savoury items just under Rs 100 at J. Hearsch Bakery which is extremely economical, budget-friendly and of great quality. Located near Holy Family Hospital this is no less than any other old heritage destination to visit in Mumbai as it is a century old bakery with a rich history and background. 
J Hearsch & Co Bakery Bandra West Mumbai

When Great Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, the German baker J. Hearsch who was the owner of this bakery decided to lease out his bakery to a Colaba lady Sophia Liberata Fernandes in the 1920s who was previously running Connaught Bakery on Colaba Causeway. The Hearsch bakery is now being run by Melvin D’Sa (although the proprietorship remains with the Fernandes) whose father took over the bakery in the 1960s with the support of the Fernandes family.
J Hearsch Bakery Bandra West Mumbai

J Hearsch bakery's ambiance has a retro heritage look, the food is well managed and clean. The bakery starts at 7 am and it's very popular amongst the locals. The entire staff is fast, busy and well organized. There is a coupon system here, so you stand in a queue, pay for your meals and you will be given a coupon. Wait for your order and your coupon number will be called out by the staff. Most people enjoy eating these snacks on the rocky ground outside the bakery. 

There are no seating arrangements so either you can take the support of your bikes or just use one of the stones to sit under the tree and finish your meal. Another interesting thing about this bakery is that there are absolutely no signboards around and you cannot easily locate this bakery from a moving vehicle because this bakery is inside a bungalow surrounded by walls. Honestly the bakery doesn't even need signboards because its very famous and any local will be very happy to guide you in the bakery's direction. 
The bakery attracts youngsters, local bandraite's and people of all age groups that's why the bakery is always busy. The staff is constantly preparing delicious fresh food in batches and placing them on the counter and even the neighborhood cats are regular visitors here. 

Though there are a whole variety of items you can try here but this is what I tried at Hearsch and are my all-time favorite:

1. Veg Burger 
Rs 80

2. Veg Roll 
Rs 30

3. Veg Puff 
Rs 20

4. Veg Patties 
Rs 25

5. Spring Roll 
Rs 40

6. Chicken Chilli Croissant 
Rs 70

4. Veg Schezwan Noodles 
Rs 90

All the food items served here are of great quality, quantity and packaged with flavours. 

Place: J. Hearsch 
USP: Heritage Bakery 
Price: Very Economical
Taste: Delicious
Seating: Not Available  
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: Excellent
Coupon System 
Wheelchair accessible entrance: Available but rocky ground.
Self Service
Staff: Busy and very focused.
Service : Quick 
Parking: Available for 2 wheelers
Overall Value for money 5*/5
Timings: 9am till 10 pm - Tuesday Closed

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Ambreen Shaikh 
Aka @foodhist.journey

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