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My Froyoland - Land of Your Frozen Yogurt Dreams Food Review ghistovid foods

Blueberry froyo at Myfroyoland marshmellow, cherry, blueberry fruit filling, popping boba

Make Your Own Mix of Froyos at MyFroyoland

Indulge in drooling guilt-free premium quality Froyo's at MyFroyoland, a swirl filled with health and happiness. There are various benefits of eating froyo's such as it is a good source of calcium and protein, it is relatively low in fat and calories to help promote healthy weight loss, it contains enzymes that help in digestion, it has 'good bacteria' to boost your immune system and many more such health benefits. One such brand that serves amazing froyo's is Myfroyoland where you can get a variety of flavours along with unlimited toppings. The brand has many stores across India and recently I had the opportunity to visit its Khar West outlet located at the main Linking Road opposite Citywalk.
Myfroyoland Khar West Linking Road Zomato Review

Froyo Flavours at Myfroyoland

Colorful Angel Wings at Myfroyoland

 The ambiance of this store was very pleasant, the decor had subtle pastel colors to give you a feel of the froyo dreamland and the store attraction is the beautifully painted wall with colorful angel wings. There was both outdoor and indoor AC / Non AC comfortable seating area space built on the ground level and on Level 1. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The order counter was centrally located and the best part about myfroyoland is that you get to order and customize your own Froyo in just 3 simple easy steps - (It's Self-service.)
1st Step - Swirl it - where you get to pick from this unimaginable list of unique flavours like litchi, chocolate cake, Tiramisu, cookies and cream, cake batter, strawberry banana, kiwi tart, Greek yogurt, NSA salted Caramel or even sorbets like orange and lemon etc... 
Toppings at Myfroyoland
2nd Step - Top it - where you can select unlimited toppings be it cookie dust, fruit jelly, jelly tips, sour punks, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate chips, butterscotch, twin chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, waffle fans, choco balls, rice crunch, granola, kit kat bits, almonds, chocolate wafer sticks, snickers, gems, oreo's and apart from these there are even unlimited sauces chocolate sauce, peanut butter, fruit fillings, crunchy Kellogs, fresh fruits, etc... etc...
and 3rd and final Step is - Weigh it - after you have loaded your froyo's with your personal choices and toppings you then finally weigh it and depending on the weight of the froyo's you need to pay the prices accordingly. 
Most of the flavours were also sugar-free, low fat and gluten-free. 

Now coming to the froyo's taste this is what I tried:
Blueberry at Myfroyoland

1. Blueberry (Non Fat + Gluten Free)
Price: Depends on the weight of your froyo
Toppings & confectionaries: Marshmallows, waffle fan, canned cherry, popping boba green apple flavour, blueberry fruit filling.
Loved every bit of this Blueberry flavour, the froyo smelled and looked delicious. The texture was smooth and slightly grainy it just melts in your mouth. The waffle fan was fresh and crisp, Popping boba which is prepared through the spherification process and had green apple flavor (it's basically gel-like skin with juice inside that bursts when squeezed) and I added yummy blueberry fruit filling on top of it.  Highly Recommended!

 Strawberry Banana (Non Fat + Gluten Free) and Salted Caramel NSA (No sugar added) at Myfroyoland

2. Strawberry Banana (Non Fat + Gluten Free) and Salted Caramel NSA (No sugar added)
Price: Depends on the weight of your froyo
Toppings & confectionaries: chocolate chips, waffle fan, rainbow sprinkles, red velvet cake crumble , chocolate sprinkles,  and peanut butter.
I tried mix up of 2 swirls Strawberry banana flavour and salted caramel, both were extremely flavoursome. Strawberry banana had a very fruity flavour and salted caramel had a subtle taste of saltiness. I enjoyed both flavours with peanut butter topping, rainbow and chocolate spinkles and red velvet cake. Highly Recommended!
Cookie & Cream and Tiramisu at Myfroyoland

3. Cookie & Cream and Tiramisu
Price: Depends on the weight of your froyo
Toppings & confectionaries: Cookie dust, Oreo Dust, Double chocolate chip, Oreo, Chocolate Waffle Fan
This was an oreo cookie and cream flavour and Tiramisu was rich strong coffee flavour again both were super delicious and I tried these with some of the listed amazing toppings. Recommended!
Non Fat Gluten Free and No sugar Added Froyos at Myfroyoland

My Experience:

Brand: MyFroyoland
USP: Healthy Frozen Yogurt (Gluten free, Sugar free, low fat options) Make your own mix
Taste: Awesome
Outlet: Khar West
Service: Quick
Staff: Friendly and helpful
Seating: Indoor & Outdoor AC / Non AC
Price: Based on weight (different sizes are available) 150g = Rs 225 up till 450 g = Rs 675 
Extra for each topping.
Self Service
Restroom: Available
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance
Hygiene: Excellent
Parking: Not Available
Overall Value for Money 5*/5

Hope you found this review helpful, for more such amazing discoveries follow @foodhist.journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogger.

Lot's of Love 
Ambreen Shaikh 
Aka Foodhist Journey 

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