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What is Conscious Food and how can it change your life? ghistovid foods

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What is Conscious Food and how can it change your life?

Food for thought!

Are you feeding your soul, or just feeding your body?

In this digital age we are caught up in our fast paced busy lifestyle, where we tend to ignore our health and imbibe unhealthy eating habits, constantly increasing levels of unnecessary stress, depression and become more prone to diseases. We have stopped feeling our inner soul light and listening to our natural inner consciousness, which keeps knocking every time we tend to knowingly or unknowingly harm ourselves. Our poor choices and not being consciously aware is the root cause of all our problems.

So it’s really important to ask yourself how aware are you? Will, you only take action when an illness arises in your body and it’s too late? Or will you make a decision now and be responsible for your overall well being? Remember when you fall sick or go through your low’s it’s not just you alone who suffers but also the people who truly love you; they suffer equally with you. Hence, for you to help your loved ones you need to help yourself first. Apart from other essential components, food is undoubtedly one of the most important factors which has a great impact on your health. Since the beginning of time, many proven pieces of research have shown that food and its natural healing properties are being used to help improve our health and lifestyle. 
School of Awakening Conscious Conversations

Conscious Food

A year back I got introduced to this amazing new world of Consciousness through a friend’s friend at School of Awakening which is a Global 24X7 online school that teaches you a natural way of Conscious Living. A team of students from London School of Awakening had visited the Mumbai city for the first time. Since I happened to be their only point of contact in the city, I started hanging out with them.  We all quickly became great friends and when I met these people I learned new things which got me interested in understanding what exactly they do? Later in our discussions, I was introduced to some amazing concepts which were very fascinating and new for me.
School of Awakening

The entire perspective of looking at life and my body completely changed after that. For example: We have some pre-conceived notions and assumptions about life and about situations we deal with on a day to day basis, that are setting limitations on ourselves without us realizing that we have so much more potential beyond these cultural boundaries. To help you understand the very basics, I had always heard about Yoga, 7 healing chakras, Meditation and its benefits, but once you start learning and understanding these concepts it’s a much more advanced way of living life than just enjoying a physical exercise like Yoga.
School of Awakening

"Everything is Energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not Philosophy. This is Physics." - Albert Einstein. Most Scientist research clearly shows that everything is energy at the most fundamental levels. Apart from other energy sources our body get's energy from the food we eat. Knowing your energy frequency and eating toxin free natural foods, working on your immunity, your gut can help you raise the energy frequency helping you draw closer to harmony. Everytime you eat a piece of food, you absorb that food's energy into your body. The quality of that energy has an impact on your overall health and wellbeing. YOU ARE WHAT ENERGY YOU EAT.
Conscious Food Healthy living food School of Awakening, What is conscious food?

One such concept of the School of Awakening that attracted me the most was Conscious Food (Moody Foody Diaries) – Health in your hands. How food is responsible for your mood. With the help of ancient wisdom and tested research, the teachers assist you to effortlessly embrace this whole new lifestyle journey by bringing back the inspiration, reinventing your kitchen and food diaries. 
School of Awakening, transform your life

Conscious Food program by Moody Foody’s of School of Awakening is an experiential journey to help you unlock your true natural inner potential. It makes you consciously aware of your food and its significance on your overall health and wellbeing. Conscious food aims at shifting to a healthy lifestyle which doesn’t only focus on the wellbeing of your body but also focuses on the core issues of your inner self – the wellbeing of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. For example: if you follow many celebrity lifestyles - they go to the gym every day, they eat healthy to stay fit and young and they spend millions on their dieticians and trainers who strive hard to make them look good, but still, most of them go through phases of depression, land up getting diseases and even become victims to Cancer. So it’s not only about taking care of your body but it’s also important to be consciously aware of your emotional and spiritual self. Your intentions, your subconscious mind, your feelings towards your food, the prayers, the blessing’s, the people around, etc... All of them are equally important and responsible for your health. 
School of Awakening

When our intention is right and our consciousness is engaged where we are not distracted by needs or self-critic, we can overcome unconscious eating habits. This can really help enhance the whole experience and our concepts around the value of food.
School of Awakening

To understand these concepts deeper I interviewed some of the practicing students at the School of Awakening and asked them how conscious food and conscious living has changed the way they live life? And what improvements have they personally experienced in their life? Below I have listed some of their answers: 
The Principal of School of Awakening
Farseea - "The best thing I learned at SOA is no matter what is happening in your life, there is always love and support at hand from the seen to the unseen realms. I am never alone. I have made the 9 principles of SOA my trusted companions on this journey of self awareness, because it not always an easy walk to the other side.  

In essence SOA stands for Source of Acceptance. Self development was keeping me stuck in ME. Wonderment helped me open up to the wealth of new people, new knowledge and new ways of being together as WE. Acceptance of ALL and learning together."

Sheriff (Student of School of Awakening): "I've been a fan of eating healthily for many years, but learning about conscious food has completely changed things for me. I understand that its not always my physical body that's craving food and I'm more lenient about the food I eat. I enjoy my food more and am happier and healthier as a result."  

In the program Moody Foody, which encompasses natural alternative holistic healing, you will learn how you can master and be conscious (aware / have knowledge) with the most simple cutting edge tools and techniques and guided master classes on conscious food, conscious cooking, and recipes which can help enhance and uplift your mind, body, and soul. This is like a guilt-free zone where they make you aware that health and fitness is not just limited to your body. It doesn’t matter what your weight, color, size, etc… is. Here at the School of Awakening they celebrate the unique YOU and help you get inspired, resolve a lot of your health and wellness issues through Food and Love.
Soul Spa, Retreats Rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, School of Awakening, Sidra Jafri, Yoga retreats 2019, retreats 2020, soul spa

Soul Spa, Retreats Rejuvenate your mind, body, soul,School of Awakening, Sidra Jafri, Yoga retreats 2019, retreats 2020, soul spa

Apart from Conscious Food the School offers various other courses to uplift and empower you, be it Conscious Business, Conscious Relationships, Conscious Living, Conscious Parenting etc... You can join their Free Light memberships or Advance Paid Gold memberships. They also host Global Yoga and wellness retreats to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul called Soul Spa. Detox and reset yourself on these amazing experiential retreats.
School of Awakening Podcast, best healthy living wellness channel, Awakening, mind body soul, health and wellness channel

To learn more about the School of Awakening and for any further query you can email your questions/ requests to them at: FirstLady@SchoolofAwakening.com
They also run a 24X7 Free Helpline Care Platform Called Zoom Flo where you can directly ask guidance on any challenges you may be facing in life.
Simply download Zoom App and Dial Meeting ID - 352 367 242.
To listen to their programs and daily live podcasts -
Dial 352 367 242 on Zoom App.
For queries on Soul Spa Retreats/ Destinations
Email - SoulSpa@SidraJafri.com
For Sidra Jafri Keynote Speaker Request,Interviews, PR and Media Inquiries Email - PR@SidraJafri.com

So friends, hope you enjoyed reading this article on Conscious Food and all thanks to the wonderful School of Awakening team who guided and helped me to understand these concepts better, if you want to learn more about healthy Conscious living feel free to connect with them.

Lot's of Love
Stay Healthy
Share Positive Vibes
Ambreen Shaikh
Aka @Foodhist.journey

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