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Night Owl? Try This Natural Home Remedy To Get Good Night Sleep ghistovid foods

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Are you struggling to sleep in the night? Personally, I am a night owl myself, I love to watch the stars, the moon and I enjoy the silence in the night. All my reading, writing, listening to music, catching up on daily news/events, watching Netflix and planning my routine for the next day happens late at night. Even if i am in bed by midnight, i don't tend to fall asleep too easily and my energy levels are kind of high even in late hours where normally people are fast asleep.  

So one of my Ayurveda doctor friend suggested this remedy, I tried and it worked for me so I thought of sharing it here for all you lovely souls out there who are struggling to sleep in the night. Well, you will need to do alot more than just having this remedy which I will be suggesting. For example: you will need to disconnect with all digital devices such as your TV, Mobile phones, laptops etc... atleast an hour before you are trying to sleep. Prepare your self and make your room comfortable in the sense on the dim lights if that helps you relax, don't drink too much water before your going to bed otherwise we all know it's sooo frustrating to fall asleep and then get up in the middle of the night just to pee, try to relax and if you like you can even meditate few mins before going to bed. Also no social media before going to bed, because there are way too much irrelevant mixed good and bad information on social media which kind of makes your mind wander. 

So here is the remedy (prepare and drink this an hour before you plan to go to bed)


1 Glass - Milk 
2 tbsp - Jaggery
1/2 tsp - sonth (dry ginger powder)
1/2 Cinnamon stick (Dalchini)
2 - Cardamom (Elaichi)  
1 tbsp Turmeric powder


Mix all the above ingredients in a pot and bring it to a nice boil for 4 to 5 minutes. Once all the flavors are infused in the milk strain it in your favorite mug and have it. All the above herbal natural ingredients will help fight inflammation and supply good amount of antioxidants. This will help you relax and have that nice Good night sleep.

This remedy worked for me but if you are going through any other serious challenges in life which are giving you any kind of stress and that is not allowing you to have that peace and rest. If your mind is constantly thinking, then I would recommend that along with this remedy also have a friend who you can talk to, share and release all your negativity and stress. If you don't have a friend to talk to then you can even talk to your own self or take professional help. Because nowadays mental fitness and health are extremely important, sometimes even people who go to the gym and claim to be fit are actually suffering from depression, stress or anxiety. You can even download Zoom App and Dial 352 367 242 which is a global 24X7 free care helpline number run by a London based School of Awakening. If you still can't find that person to talk to then please don't let that negativity harm you instead feel free to email me and share your challenges in life at foodhist.journey@gmail.com I am not an expert but I am a good friend and good at keeping secrets. So friends work on yourself, stay happy, be positive and nothing is more important than your health so please do take care of yourself. 

Hope this remedy will help you in getting that desired sleep.

Lot's of Love
Wish you more Sweetdreams 
Ambreen Shaikh 
Aka Foodhist Journey 
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