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Boojee Cafe Review- A Brand New Chic Cafe at Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai ghistovid foods

Espresso Dark Chocolate Mousse Boojee Cafe, Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai Google Review, Google Local Guide

Only Good Vibes at the Boojee Cafe 

Normally I and my colleague, we meet up for evening walks, meetings, and light-minded conversations to help expand our business. Well, this time when we were deciding our next meeting spot, we agreed to explore and try a new cafe joint which we had recently spotted in our area called the Boojee Cafe.
Boojee Cafe Review at Bandra West Mumbai

At first, Boojee sounded like a very interesting new word for me, and even the look and feel of the cafe was like an underground nice quaint cafe look with a beautiful combination of simple Black and White. So as soon as i entered the cafe, I and my friend were very curious to know what Boojee exactly means? and what we learned from the staff that it actually means a luxurious lifestyle yet with humble beginnings. In terms of ambiance, the entire cafe had these beautiful graffiti on the walls and it had these inspiring quotes of wisdom which was the perfect food for thought.

Boojee Cafe had both AC indoor and Non AC outdoor limited seating areas, the entire space though small is utilized wisely. It had high and low rise seating arrangements which are good for small groups. This place is located in the quite Kantwadi lane near Carter Road, Bandra West Mumbai and it is a great pick for brunch, coffee, quick bites and nice relaxing conversations.
Boojee Cafe Review at Bandra West Mumbai

Now what I really loved about this place was the people, the staff, I mean literally there are very few places you walk in and feel such a good vibe. The staff of this place are like Teddy bears, they are damn cute sweet people who are genuinely nice people and they welcome you with so much respect and care. Well it wasn't just that, but they definitely know their job well, they were well informed about the menu and knew exactly what the ingredients were being used in the dish. I feel even if you walk in alone the staff is super friendly to have great conversations with and you will definitely not get bored. The cafe has a limited menu and serves snacks, juices, sandwiches etc... with great coffee.

Now coming to the food this is what I tried:
Greek Salad Boojee Cafe at Bandra West Carter Road Mumbai
Greek Salad at Boojee Cafe
Greek Salad Boojee Cafe at Bandra West Carter Road Mumbai
Greek Salad Boojee Cafe 
1. Greek Salad
Rs 220
A beautiful greek salad with fresh cucumbers, salad leaves, feta cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, and a lovely dressing with light seasoning. Yummyy.... Highly Recommended!

Espresso Dark Chocolate Boojee Cafe at Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai

2. Espresso Dark Chocolate Mousse
Rs 150
Awesome! This was sooo amazing it made me speechless. The mousse was so light and it just melts in your mouth. Every bite was so satisfying. Highly Recommended!
Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice Boojee Cafe at Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai
Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice Boojee Cafe
3. ABC Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice
Rs 220
So refreshing juice. Recommended!
Mushroom Bruschetta at Boojee Cafe  Bandra West Mumbai, Google Local Guide Review, Zomato Review Boojee Cafe
Mushroom Bruschetta
4. Mushroom Bruschetta
Rs 250
I think this was beautiful crimini mushrooms sauteed with onions and tomatoes, topped with delicious creamy cheesy and lovely pesto sauce. Mushroom Bruschetta had this delicious crispy Italian bread and extremely cheesy texture. Loved it! Highly Recommended!

And hello hello guys the prices are inclusive of all taxes and there is no service charge.
Boojee Cafe Review at Bandra West Mumbai

My Experience

Place: Boojee Cafe (New Cafe started on 1st August 2019)
Location: Carter Road Bandra West Mumbai
Food Taste: Awesome
Staff: Extremely Cute and friendly
Service: Quick
Ambiance: Great
Hygiene: Excellent
Quality: Amazing
Quantity: Great
Seating: Comfortable high and low rise (AC/NonAc) 
Price: Moderate (No extra charges)
Presentation: Excellent
Free Wifi
Great for Breakfast, Brunch & Coffee Chats
Open Hours: Mon - Sun 8 am till 11 pm
Overall Value for Money 5*/5

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Boojee Cafe Menu at Bandra West Mumbai

Boojee Cafe Review at Bandra West Mumbai
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Lots of Love
Ambreen Shaikh 
aka Foodhist Journey

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