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The Bohri Kitchen -Bohri Food Coma Delivered at your doorstep (Khar West) Mumbai ghistovid foods

Dum Murgh Bohri Biryani (Chicken Boneless) at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

Enjoy Authentic Homemade Bohra Muslim Recipes at the comfort of your home. 

The Bohri Kitchen is one of those brands that absolutely needs no introduction for any Mumbaikar.  Since past few years TBK has been in news for all good reasons, with multiple accolades this place has been promoted and endorsed by various media networks, food critics and even celebrities. The journey of this brand started off with a very simple yet out of the box idea, of having an exclusive weekend Home dining experience for a very selected closed and verified group of people. These lucky exclusive invitees get to enjoy a variety of outstanding Authentic Traditional Bohri Muslim food, cooked by home chef Nafisa Kapadia (A Bohri Mother) where she infuses the food with all her love. It's her love and passion for cooking and also remarkable efforts by her son Munaf Kapadia (who quit a lucrative job at Google to 'take Bohri food to non-Bohris') that has helped this brand reach new heights of success. 

Along with the continued exclusive home dining experience, they now have more than 6 delivery kitchen outlets in Mumbai located at Andheri, Worli,Juhu, Flea Bazaar Cafe, Colaba and Khar. TBK is available on digital platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Scootsy, FoodPanda and UberEats serving North Indian and Mughlai cuisine. So recently I had the opportunity to taste some amazing food from it's Khar West outlet. The food delivery was on time and the packaging was excellent with no spillovers. Trust me when the food arrived it got me drooling and excited to taste the food because it had this really tempting heavenly aroma.

Now coming to the food this is what I tried:
Chicken biryani, Chicken dum biryani, Chicken dum bohri biryani 2019 at The Bohri kitchen Mumbai

Chicken Bohri Biryani at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

1. Pakki Dum Murgh Bohri Biryani (Chicken Boneless) 
Rs 260
I have to say being a Muslim I am very particular and choosy about my choice of biryani. I normally don't enjoy eating biryani outside in restaurants and only eat at few selected places, because I feel most restaurants ruin the flavour of authentic biryani with too many Indian whole Garam Masala, over cooked spices and overcooked meat. Also, I am too addicted and love the way my mom cooks biryani. I have to say the biryani at The Bohri Kitchen was definitely a star dish and it was packed with flavours. I felt like I was eating my mom's homemade cooked chicken biryani because it tasted almost like my mom's cooking and even better. It was so aromatic, mouth-watering and had such beautiful marinated boneless tender succulent juices pieces of chicken, cooked to perfection in an authentic dum biryani style. The rice was also nicely separated, soft and fluffy. Also, the masala was perfect, it wasn't too dry and the best part was that the biryani was not at all too heavy or oily. It was garnished with caramelized onions, coriander, and mint leaves. Served with fresh curd kachumber (Indian Salad) -  which had onions, lots of finely chopped cucumber mixed with fresh curd.  Highly Recommended!

Cheese Corn Cutlets at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

Cheese Corn Cutlets at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

2. Cheese Corn Cutlets: 
Rs 100
I could taste a very nice creamy texture of mixed vegetables - corn, carrots, beans, capsicum, potato and some cumin seeds, fresh coriander and these balls were rolled and deep-fried in bread crumbs. Making these cutlets crisp from outside and soft from inside. These cutlets were very delicious and they were a little oily too.

Smoked Paneer and Peanut Samosa at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

Smoked Paneer and Peanut Samosa at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

Tamarind and Chilli Chutney at The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai, food delivery mumbai

3. Smoked Paneer and Peanut Samosas:
Rs 125 
Personally, I am a fan of Bohri Muslim's mini samosas, be it both meat or vegetarian version. So this samosa had a very light simple Non Spicy filling of Peanuts, Dil leaves, Chopped Onions. Cottage Cheese which was infused with smoky charcoal flavour. Served with 2 varieties of chutneys - Spicy Green Chilli Chutney and Sweet Tamarind Chutney which was extremely awesome chutneys. Loved it and Highly recommended! 

Caramel Custard The Bohri Kitchen Mumbai

4.Mom's Caramel Custard 
Rs 80 
This caramel custard was so creamy light texture caramel custard. It wasn't too sweet and just melts in your mouth. Highly Recommended!

My Experience:

Restaurant: The Bohri Kitchen
Location: Khar West 
Type: Delivery Kitchen
Platforms: Swiggy, Zomato, Scootsy, FoodPanda and UberEats
Delivery kitchen Outlets: Andheri, Worli,Juhu, Flea Bazaar Cafe, Colaba and Khar.
Taste: Awesome
Hygiene: Excellent
Packaging: Great
Service: Quick 
Staff: friendly
USP: Homemade Authentic Bohri Muslim Food - By Award Winning Home Chef Nafisa Kapadia. 
Price: Moderate
Party orders: Available
Quality: Good
Quantity: Decent
Delivery: On Time (food arrived fresh and hot)
Halaal Meat*
Website: www.thebohrikitchen.com
Overall Value for Money 5*/5

So friends, Hope you found this post helpful. Also just like The Bohri Kitchen make sure to believe in your dreams. It's always great to read such success stories who convert their passion into business and TBK is the perfect inspiration to all those mothers, housewives,homemakers etc... who love to cook delicious mind blowing recipes and feed others. It's also an inspiration even to those children out there who believe and know that their mom is one of the best cook in the world. Hence I guess that most of us just Loveeeee Ghar ka khaana.

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The Bohri Kitchen, food delivery Mumbai

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