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How Traveling While You Work Can Change Your Life ghistovid foods

How RV Travel While You Work Can Change Your Life

How Traveling While You Work Can Change Your Life

By Kelly Long 

Guest Post
As an entrepreneur, you have the creativity and ability to find ideas that need a solution and to turn those solutions into a business. Those abilities are not bound by being in a specific geographical location, and can actually be enhanced by traveling. Here we will look at how travel can change your life as an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur means finding solutions to problems and turning them into a business. Traveling while you work is in and of itself a solution to a problem. That problem is stagnation. When you stay in the same area you tend to fall into the same routines and day to day life becomes monotonous. By adding travel into the mix, you will be forced to leave your comfort zone. Once outside that zone, you will be forced to look at things through a different lens. This will allow you to see different solutions to problems that may be occurring in your business.

The change of scenery may be good for both ends of your business. Many entrepreneurs have a difficult time letting go of control of their existing businesses. This can also lead to stagnation. By forcing yourself to go on the road, you will be forced to delegate more responsibility to the employees you have at the business. This can be a liberating experience for everyone and can be one of the best things you can do grow your company or to find new areas to expand into.

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When you are on the road you will experience new things. Every region has a different way of doing things. We know these as cultural differences and they represent a regional set of ideas on how things should be done. By getting out and experiencing these things, you will open up yourself to new ways of looking at problems and how to solve them. This can be life changing because it is often a novel solution to a problem which makes it the most viable in a business setting.

Traveling will also expose you to new problems to solve. Simply the act of traveling has been an inspiration for many large entrepreneurial projects which have resulted in things like the major travel websites, hotel chains, private property peer to peer rental services and others. These ideas may not necessarily be that intuitive and may only become apparent while you are actually traveling. How you travel can also have a bearing on this. RV travel is clearly different on many levels from plane or car travel. RV travel is one of the best ways to travel for entrepreneurs because it forces you to experience more on a day to day basis. You don't just skip over large swaths of the world as you do in plane travel. Instead, you are on the ground experiencing everything an area has to offer. While doing so, problems needing solutions will come up frequently and applying your entrepreneurial spirit to solve those problems can be a life changing event.

Finally, traveling allows you to meet new people. Travelers, particularly RV travelers, are a very friendly group. They tend very willing to share their stories with anyone who will listen. This can impact you as an entrepreneur in multiple ways. First, anyone you meet can become a customer for any business you have already established. Many RV travelers love to support their fellow RVers in any way they can. Patronizing the business of a fellow RVer is a common way they do that. In sharing their stories you can often find common issues that need to be solved so these interactions can often lead to new business ideas. Follow RV travelers also tend to be extremely resourceful. They will often share with you what they have done to deal with specific problems while traveling. They will let you know what has or has not worked for them which may be helpful in developing solutions to these problems. The fellow travelers that you meet can be an excellent networking resource. Many of these folks travel a lot and know all kinds of people from all over the world. You never know who you may meet that can be a resource themselves, or know someone who can help you out in your business endeavors. These connections can definitely lead to life changing events.
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For entrepreneurs, traveling while you work can be a life changing experience. The experiences you will have outside your normal comfort zone will allow you to find new problems to solve, new ways to solve old problems or give you a different perspective on how you run your businesses in general. It can also allow you to step back from any existing business and let them thrive on their own with less direct input from you. Any of these things can lead to life changing events. 

About Author Kelly Long:
Kelly Long works on the content development team at Outdoorsy, an RV marketplace connecting RV owners to travelers. She loves exploring the world by campervan. 

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