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Havmor Candylicious Premium Ice Cream - HavFunn Store Bandra West, Mumbai ghistovid foods

Havmor Candilicious Ice Cream Bandra West Mumbai, Havmor Ice Cream premium


A journey from a small candy shop handcart where Ice Creams were painstakingly churned all night to a now complete full-fledged branded company Havmor Ice creams has an amazing 70 years old legacy. Today Havmor ice cream is one of the most popular brands in India serving a whole variety of interesting yummylicious products which are today available across 14 markets in India with a network of restaurants, eateries and Havfunn parlours. They have also started one of the most premium brand Huber & Holly boutique offering a combination of amazing ice-creams freshly churned right at the outlet, ice-cream based cakes & desserts in their most inventive form. Endless customization through toppings – all made in-house and service options as scoops or a make your own blockbuster Combined with fresh food such as croissant sandwiches, pizzas & pastas – all made using high-end ingredients.

Havmor Ice Creams is a complete #Icecream Wonderland. It all began in 1944 when Satish Chona, a young engineer working at BOAC (now British Airways), decided to set up a pop up ice cream shop in Karachi, Pakistan, called Havmor. What he started as a part-time venture to supplement the family income soon grew into a popular local ice cream brand. But the year 1947 proved to be a tumultuous one with the partition of India and Pakistan. Mr Chona and his family were forced to leave everything behind in Karachi as they migrated to India overnight in search of safety.

After attempting to set up a base in a couple of Indian cities including Dehradun and Indore, Mr Chona eventually decided to start his ice cream business in Ahmedabad. Here, the weather would stay warm for a better part of the year, which meant potentially higher ice cream sales. Mr Chona began Havmor operations with just 200 rupees from a humble handcart that he would take to the Ahmedabad railway station. Everyday, he would sell ice cream from his handcart that he and his wife, Mrs Nirmal Chona, painstakingly churned all night. To increase revenues, Mr Chona would borrow a friend’s cycle and sell ice cream around Ahmedabad while his friend would take care of the handcart.

Havmor Ice Cream 1944

Recently I had this opportunity to visit Havmor Havfunn Premium Ice Cream Parlour in Bandra West Mumbai and it was such a pleasurable experience. My very first experience of eating a Havmor Ice Cream was during my road trip journey from Mumbai to Goa. On that entire journey, we used to take snack breaks and I remember eating Havmor ice cream at every other shop, the best part about this ice cream was the prices. At every village, we took a halt I ate delicious scoops of Havmor ice cream cups for just Rs 10 to Rs 20. So inexpensive, later we had halted at Ratnagiri village for a day and we decided to continue our journey to Goa the next day, that was the happiest moment for me because there was a Havmor store right opposite the place we were staying in Ratnagiri beautiful village :D 

OMG that day we all went crazy because as compared to Mumbai the prices of all the Havmor ice cream in that village was so inexpensive. The ice cream per scoop which you get here for Rs 40 to Rs 60 that same scoop you get for Rs 25, even the other premium ice creams are so inexpensive. We took the entire stock of ice cream and I have the opportunity to try almost every other flavor in that shop. Raj bhog, Paan, all the different fruit candy sticks, different flavors of scoops and cones etc... Even the fruit sticks were of just Rs 15. You must try the Kiwi fruit stick of this brand if you ever can, I think it's one of the best flavors they serve, you get an entire fruit pulp in that candy stick so delicious. 
Havmor Ice Cream Bandra West, Mumbai Linking Road Store
Havmor Ice Cream Bandra West, Mumbai Linking Road Store
Now when I was back from my fun Goa trip I started desperately looking for a Havmor store in Bandra West Linking Road. I found 2 stores in my location and I was super happy, the next day i went to a store at Cupid Apartment, Khar West where I discovered that these guys are serving a very small quantity of ice cream for thrice the price and got really disappointed hence I wouldn't recommend this store. But luckily Havmor started another store at Linking Road Bandra West near Amarsons and this store was excellent. Ya, you don't get those inexpensive ice creams here, this store only serves high-quality premium ice creams and they all are so delicious and drool-worthy ice cream. The experience, ambiance, quality, service is alot better at this store. 
Havmor Ice Cream Bandra West, Mumbai Linking Road Store

The seating is comfortable, they have both high rise chairs to low table seating areas. Their menu is amazing they have a whole variety of Exotic sundaes, Milkshakes, Ice cream scoops, handcraft candies and even take away tubs. Unfortunately, they don't serve those inexpensive sticks so that they can attract an upscale trendy crowd. The sticks are served in other local stores. The service is very good and the staff is extremely friendly. 

Now coming to the food this is what I tried:
Candylicious Ice Cream Havmor , Bandra West HavFunn Store

Hotch Potch: Premium Candylicious Ice Cream:
Rs 170 Regular and Small Rs 99
This ice stone ice cream is prepared on a frozen stone machine which is set on a certain temperature to get the desired texture of the ice cream. After the temperature is set 2 huge scoops of ice creams are placed along with gems, chocolate bars, chocolate syrup etc... and all the candy ingredients are added and then mixed by the experts. Once all the mixing is completed this ice cream mixture is placed in a crispy waffle cup and then super delicious toppings are added like, a lovely cute pink candy stick, lots of whipped cream, ice cream rainbow topping sprinkles, chocolates etc.. YUM! YUM! Highly Recommended! The entire process takes 10 to 15 mins. 

Also do try the Hotch Potch they have fruity affair, cookie brownie, berry buzz, kulfi takatak, coffee pastry, havmor celebration, chocolate addiction etc... they also have signature blockbusters, milk shakes and more... The price range is all around Rs 200.  

Watch the entire making video of this amazing Candylicious Havmor ice cream:

My Experience: 

Where: Havmor HavFunn Store Bandra West, Mumbai
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: Excellent
Price: Moderate
Wheelchair Accessible Entrance: No
Restroom: Not Available
Seating: Comfortable
Ambiance: Good
Hygiene: Excellent
Official Site: https://www.havmor.com/
Parking: Not Available
Type: Premium Ice Cream Parlour
Home Delivery: Available 
Store Timings: Mon - Fri (10 am to 12 am)
Staff: Very friendly 
Service: Depends on what you order the hotch potch takes 10 to 15 mins for preparation time. 

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