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Good Home Pickles - No Preservatives Product Review ghistovid foods

Home made indian pickles , Good Home Pickles

 No Preservatives Authentic Homemade #Pickles

The making of Indian pickles is like a festive celebration, where all the ladies of the house come together and put lots of efforts in creating that perfect pickle jar we all love. Tangy, sweet, spicy it's an amazing burst of flavors relished with your daily meals. In India, every state has its own unique way of making pickles. The famous line we Indian's use when we open our lunch boxes and the amount of happiness each one of us gets when we see that "Ma ke Haath ka Achar" made with traditional grandmas secret recipes passed on to generations. 
Even today many families including my own prepare these delicious pickles taking the tradition forward. Nowadays due to our busy lifestyle, we may not get a lot of time to prepare these pickles often, hence many times we settle on the ready-made pickles we get in the market. These market pickles include a lot of preservatives to increase their shelf life and that's the reason it may not be the best of option for our health, but recently I had the opportunity to try pickles from Good Home Pickles which doesn't include any preservatives and are made in the same traditional way like our grannies and mom's would make for us. 

Good Home Pickles

GoodHomePickles by Vandana - Unlike the packaged pickles available in stores, these pickles are purely homemade with 100% natural ingredients. No preservatives are used at all. It is totally chemical free and the preparation is followed up meticulously, maintaining proper hygiene. 

I must say the pickles arrived in a beautiful hamper and it contained 4 amazing flavours of pickles from Good Home Pickles. The branding and packaging was very good.  
Mango Chunda, Godkeri, Methi Keri, Mix Vegetable Pickles by Good Home Pickles

Now coming to the pickle flavours this is what I tried:

1. Mango Chunda 250 Grams bottle
Rs 200

Mango Chunda or Mango murabba is finely grated pieces of raw mango, in which you add the Indian pickle spices, jaggery or sugar, a little bit of red chili powder and cumin seeds. It had the perfect sweetness and very subtle spicy flavour to it. I loved this achar, it tasted so yummy we finished the entire jar in just 3 days. Highly Recommended!

2. Methi Keri 250 Grams bottle
Rs 200
This Achar is super spicy with raw mango, fenugreek and lots of Indian spices in it, if you love those tangy spicy pickles you will definitely enjoy this flavor would go perfect with thepla's and paratha's.

3. Mix vegetable 250 Grams bottle
Rs 200
One of my all time favorite is the Mix vegetable achar, when I and my brother would not eat our veggies my mom would find ways of making us eat it and she used to add all kinds of different veggies in one jar of pickle. The Good Home Pickle does exactly that, this jar didn't have a whole variety of veggies but it had a decent amount of veggies like carrots, lemon, raw mango, chili and lots of delicious Indian spices. Recommended! 

4. Godkeri 250 Grams bottle
Rs 200
This was sweet and spicy raw mango pickle made with secret pickle spices, methi, mustard seeds and jaggery. I loved it. Highly Recommended!

Now to really test these pickles I ate generous amounts of pickles for 3 continuous days and I just fell in love with them. I and my family found these pickles really amazing. 
Homemade Dhokla with Mango Chunda

Good Home Pickles are currently running the #picklepairingchallenge in which you can discover crazy pickle combinations that you’ll fall in love with. Pair Authentic Indian Pickles with some of the most common snack foods and match your favorite flavors for the taste you’ve always desired of. This got me really excited and I took up the challenge. I paired the Mango Murabba/ Chunda pickle with homemade dhokla and oh wow it tasted incredible, do give it a try I am sure you will love it. 

My Experience:

Taste: Amazing
Packaging: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: Decent
Price: Moderate
Flavors: Different variety of flavors available
Hygiene: Excellent 

Overall Value for Money 5*/5 as they do keep up to their name, truly Good Home Pickles 💖

Feed your soul with Homemade Goodness...

To learn more about these pickles check out their Facebook page @goodhomepickle

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Hope you enjoyed reading about these mouth-watering pickles. 

Lots of Love 
Ambreen Shaikh 
Aka Foodhist Journey  

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