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Shahi Durbar - The King of Falooda Kulfi Ice cream in Mumbai,India | Food Review | Foodhist Journey ghistovid foods

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Indulge in Royal Treats from Shahi Durbar, India

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Shahi Durbar is a very popular brand which has a strong presence and reach in 12 cities, 6 states, 40+ outlets and this is another outlet at Cater road, Bandra West.  This brand is known for it's awesome kulfi's and falooda, no wonder they are called the Falooda king of Mumbai city because trust me i was totally blown away with the taste of kulfi and falooda here. I crave to have these delicious falooda's and usually have to travel all the way to South Mumbai to experience that goodness and taste. Luckily i feel extremely happy that the same quality of falooda is available in #bandra. The outlet is a small takeaway joint , without any seating area, the ambiance and interior was really nice and welcoming. It had a huge mirror to make it look spacious and i really liked the lovely detailed colorful frames on the wall to give that Durbar effect.
Gelato Sticks - Sorbets at Shahi Durbar , Cater Road, Bandra West (Mumbai) 
The service is quick and excellent. The staff is also very friendly and good, they have a really well trained staff who know's the menu, to guide you and help you pick your favorite choice of dessert. The biggest current highlight is the on going Alphonso Mango Seasonal Festival😍 I had my first mango of this season here and it was such a heart warming experience.

Shahi Durbar kulfi , Falooda and more India

Rabdi, Firni, Gulab Jamun Shahi Durbar Mumbai
Shahi Durbar kulfi , Falooda and more , bandra west, cater road, mumbai

Shahi Durbar - brings to you the best time of the year. In the Alphonso Mango Festival they are currently serving Mango milkshake, malai rabdi with fresh mango, fresh mango cream, mango kulfi, mango sundae, mango falooda, mango cream with ice cream. You will have to check the price range for these with the store but they have inexpensive to moderately price range. They have a whole new range of sorbets such as Madagascar vanilla, oreo cookies and cream, sea salt caramel, coconut, gauva, mango, jamun etc... Also you can indulge your taste buds in firni, mawa gulab jamun, rabdi, caramel custard, masala milk etc....they also serve snacks like sandwiches, pizzas, fresh juices, smoothies and pasta's. 

The presentation of food is also very nice, the only thing which can be improved are the glasses in which the falooda is being served. May be they can serve in normal tall crystal glasses. I know the plastics are banned and that's why the paper cup glasses are used. The quality of the glasses are good but the portion and quantity which these guys serve is really awesome so it tends to spill and fall out. I wouldn't want even a drop of that falooda to fall in the tray it's that delicious. So only this can be improved rest everything is excellent.

Now coming to the food this is what i tried:
King of Falooda Kulfi Ice Cream Shahi Durbar, bandra west, cater road mumbai
King of Falooda Kulfi Ice Cream Shahi Durbar

King of Falooda Kulfi Ice Cream Shahi Durbar
King of Falooda Kulfi Ice Cream Shahi Durbar

1. King Shahi Durbar Falooda
Rs 180
Wowww...this was really the king of falooda it was heavenly, divine , full of awesomeness, scrumptious and loved every bit of it. Each ingredient in the falooda made it stand out from the regular falooda's in the market. The best was the kulfi, the texture of the kulfi wasn't too icy or rock solid, also the flavour wasn't too milky. It had great pulpy smooth creamy texture of the flavour. For example a mango kulfi would actually taste like a mango pulp cream rather than tasting like the typical frozen milky mango kulfi. The taste of the milk was next level , nice small pieces of falooda and sabza with good scoop of ice cream. Overall the star dish of this place. Highly recommended! 

Alphonso Mango Festival 
Alphonso Mango Festival at Shahi Durbar, Cater Road, Mumbai

Mango Cream - Alphonso Mango Festival at Shahi Durbar Mumbai 2019

Mango Cream - Alphonso Mango Festival at Shahi Durbar Mumbai 2019

2. Mango Festival - Mango Cream
Rs 250
Mango mango and more mangoes.... YUM YUM YUM. This is part of the mango festival and its a must try. So there is a lovely layer of thick cream and mango ice cream, covered with fresh sliced mango pieces and loaded with another level of whipped cream. So you can actually taste the freshness of the cream and mango in every bite. I love mangoes so i truly loved this one. Definitely a must try.
Veg Mozzarella Cheese Pizza Shahi Durbar Mumbai

3. Veg Mozzarella Cheese Pizza
Rs 200
The Pizza can serve 1 to 2 people. The thin crust was nicely cooked and it had a good amount of veggies. The mozzarella cheese quantity was really awesome. It was a pull cheese pizza loaded with cheese in every bite. Must try if you are looking for quick bites.
Jamun Gelato Stick with Chaat masala Shahi Durbar Mumbai
Jamun Gelato Stick with Chaat masala

Jamun Gelato Stick with Chaat masala Shahi Durbar Mumbai

4. Gelato Sticks - Jamun Sorbet
This was a new flavour for me to try. My earlier attempts of eating plain black plum or jamun has always failed because of its tangy flavour and bright purple color. It is a high source in Vitamin A and C and has multiple health benefits. So when i saw this beautiful purple blackish color sorbet i was very interested to give it a try and though i don't like jamun so much but i did kind of find this flavour very interesting and nice. It had again a very pulpy flavour of the jamun but it had sweetness to it. They serve this stick with chaat masala powder to give that tangy punch to it.

Gauva Gelato Stick with Red Chilli Masala, Shahi Durbar Mumbai

Gauva Gelato Stick with Red Chilli Masala, Shahi Durbar Mumbai
Gauva Gelato Stick with Red Chilli Masala
5. Gelato Sticks - Gauva Sorbet
This was lovely pink gauva sorbet , beautiful taste. They sprinkle red chilli powder on top of this gelato stick. Many brands are introducing gauva flavour and this was also really good flavour. Enjoyed it.

My Experience:

Taste: Awesome
USP: Falooda kulfi
Service: Excellent
Staff: Very Good
Outlet: Bandra, Cater Road
Type: Takeway Joint
Seating: Not Available
Parking: Not Available
Packaging: Decent
Branding : Very Good
Quantity: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Price: Inexpensive to Moderate
Ambiance: Good
Crowd: Trendy
Wheelchair Accessibility : Yes
Restroom: Not Available
Kids friendly
Overall Value for money: 5*/5

I was here with my 4 year old niece who loved all these amazing desserts and thoroughly enjoyed the pizza.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and do enter the world of Royalty at Shahi Durbar.

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Lots of Love,
Have a blessed day!
Ambreen Shaikh
aka @foodhist.journey - Instagram , Facebook and Twitter.

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