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Enjoy Fusion Pan Asian Cuisine at Lemon Leaf, Mumbai | Food Review ghistovid foods

Assorted Dumplings, Dim Sum, Asian Cuisine, Bandra West

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers Lemon leaf is a food delivery kitchen which serves a variety of Fusion Pan Asian food - ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Asian cuisine. This delivery outlet is located in Bandra West and its delivery locations are Bandra, BKC, Mahim and Santacruz. They have their branches in Bandra, Andheri, and Colaba. If you are one of those who craves for Chinese food and do extensive searches on [late night food delivery kitchen near me] then your hunt is over as lemon leaf deliver's food till 3 am in the night. They are available on platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, and Scootsy. The restaurant is also running a current Order on Call and get a 15% discount offer. 

They have a well-planned menu which cover's Pan Asian delicacies so if you are a fan of Dumplings, Sushi, Wok Box, Baos, Khowsuey, Vietnamese Pho, Thai curry and your regular Chinese then you will definitely like the food. The delivery was quick, food arrived hot and it looked extremely delicious. The only drawback was the packaging, the branding, boxes, chopsticks, and the containers were good, but the paper cup for lemongrass iced tea had become too soft and couldn't hold the liquid so maybe they can improve the paper cups for their iced tea.

Now coming to the food this is what I tried:
Bangkok Style Crispy Chicken at Lemon Leaf Mumbai

1. Bangkok Style Crispy Chicken
Rs 325
The crispy chicken pieces were cooked perfectly in delicious Chinese sauces with stir-fried basil and bell peppers. Highly recommended!

2. Vegetable Assorted Dumplings
Rs 360
All their dumplings were so perfectly cooked and had that beautiful translucent colorful look. I tried a variety of dumplings, such as [Shiitake & Water Chestnut Dumplings] very simple finely chopped stir fried filling, then [Spinach, Cottage Cheese and Burnt Garlic Dim Sum] again a very light filling of simple spinach and cottage cheese fine mixture very subtle flavor and then finally i tried the [Roasted Vegetable Dumplings with Edamame] first of all i loved the way this dumpling looked and I love Edamame so I enjoyed this dumpling and even the veggies had nice spice and weren't too bland. You also get a variety of dips and sauces for your dumplings, each having a very distinct flavor. Highly Recommended!
Vietnamese Pho at Lemon Leaf, Pho, Bandra , Mumbai

3. Veg Vietnamese Pho
Rs 230
This is a Vietnamese soup which is like a broth and had all the exotic veggies like broccoli, tofu, zucchini, shiitake, carrots, spinach, baby corn, etc... and one of the main ingredients was banh pho noodles with lots of herbs, this is very popular street food in Vietnam. Simple flavor.
Veg Exotic in Chilli and Garlic Sauce Gravy at Lemon Leaf

4. Veg Exotic in Chilli and Garlic Sauce
Rs 230
Red, Green and Yellow Bell peppers, Mushrooms, Spinach, Zucchini, baby corn, tofu etc...cooked in delicious light chili garlic Chinese sauce. Really liked the gravy all the veggies had a lovely freshness to it. The gravy wasn't too thick, overall enjoyed the taste. 
Veg Burnt Garlic and Spinach Fried Rice

5. Veg Burnt Garlic and Spinach Fried Rice
Rs 235
Simple stir-fried rice with good garlic and finely chopped spinach flavor. Really liked this rice. Recommended with any gravy of choice.
Lemon Grass Iced Tea

6. Lemon Grass Iced Tea
Rs 75
An amazing refreshing taste of lemongrass iced tea, the only problem was the paper cup it was served in. I had to change the container when it arrived. Otherwise, the taste was really good.

My Experience:

Taste: Great if you enjoy Fusion Asian cuisine
Quality: Good
Quantity: Serving portions could be better
Price: This depends on the portions and size you pick (accordingly it is inexpensive to the moderate range)
Type: Food Delivery kitchen
*Note: Late night delivery available, also note to pure vegetarians you might want to check the menu first as this brand serves a whole variety of meat options as well including meat, red meat, seafood, etc... but they do have a whole variety of exotic vegetarian options as well to choose from.
Service: Good
Staff: Friendly
Delivery: On Time
Packaging: Good, it can be improved for beverages
Overall Value for money: 4.5*/5 but because the service was really good and even the food was delicious giving it 5*/5
lemon leaf Restaurant - Pan Asian kitchen

lemon leaf Restaurant - Pan Asian kitchen

lemon leaf Restaurant - Pan Asian kitchen

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