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Coffee Culture Introduces Ketogenic Diet Healthy Meals #Bandraculture | Food Review | Foodhist Journey ghistovid foods

Keto Diet - Watermelon Feta Cheese Salad, Coffee Culture Bandra West Hill Road Mumbai
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Welcome to the #MumbaiCulture = #CoffeeCulture

Coffee Culture a very popular cafe, has introduced Keto diet meals for the growing health-conscious crowd. Many people including very popular celebrities are following Keto diet. The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels and shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones. 5% Carbs, 25% Protein, 75% Fat is the Keto Food pyramid breakdown percentage, adding this plan as a part of the coffee culture menu shows the popularity of the keto culture and hence it has been incorporated in this outlet as well. This is a really cool cafe which serves some really amazing coffee, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Continental cuisine. 
Keto Diet Plan

Coffee Culture was founded in the year 2004, which is currently present in 12 cities and it has more than 18 outlets in all over India. The themes of the individual outlets mainly depend on its location where they focus on the local culture, community, building socializing spots so that they can connect with the locals in that area. CC as a brand has won several reputed awards in various categories having an edge over the competition. One such outlet which i recently visited was the #BandraCulture outlet, located on Hill Road Bandra (West) Mumbai. This outlet attracts a very trendy mixed crowd who were enjoying their meals. The entire decor and interiors are beautifully done trying to replicate #Bandra or I would say more of a #Mumbaikar culture. As soon as you enter this place you can see a very attractive colorful hashtag sign of #BandraCulture which kind of reminds you of the interesting wall graffiti art in Bandra.

#BandraCulture Coffee Culture Bandra West
Coffee Culture, Bandra West Mumbai

Coffee Culture, Bandra West Mumbai
Coffee CultureCoffee Culture, Bandra West Mumbai

There are very vibrant couches with eye catchy cover's that have juicy punchlines on it. Small and major details like the tea bag map frame or frames with Bollywood punchlines or our local taxi or Mumbaikar slogans, the Mumbai chawls, Mumbai dabba wala's etc... so the entire ambiance is very colorful and they have tried to include these gorgeous elements making this a really fun place to hangout with your friends. They also have a space for sports lovers who can watch the screening of their favorite sports and follow the matches. The staff is good and welcoming and the service is also excellent. 

So with their new Keto menu, i wanted to try some keto meals. But before that let me briefly explain why Keto? Keto has become a very popular diet plan because it has a very simplistic approach plus it is appealing because the body naturally thrives with this protocol. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which fat provides most of the fuel for the body. Ketosis and ketogenic diets are proved to have several health benefits and it may help with a number of chronic diseases, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes and Alzheimer's. It also helps with weight loss. So hence I wanted to explore few items from this menu. 

Now coming to food this is what I tried:

Watermelon Feta Salad Coffee Culture, Bandra West Mumbai
Watermelon Feta Salad Coffee Culture
1. Watermelon Feta Salad: 
Rs 395
You will really enjoy this Salad during summer time. It's lovely and fresh. It has sweet ripe watermelon combined with Feta cheese and fresh mint, salad leaves, pine nuts, simply dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Highly Recommended!
Keto Reshmi Chicken Tikka , Coffee Culture Bandra West Mumbai
Keto Reshmi Chicken Tikka 
2. Keto Reshmi Chicken Tikka 
Rs 395
This was not like the typical tikka's, the keto reshmi chicken tikka had boneless Chicken leg pieces perfectly cooked, there wasn't too much marination but it had all the flavors with simple Indian spices, cheese , cream and grilled to perfection with little drizzle of mustard sauce over the top. Recommended for a good healthy meal.Nutella Fantasy Shake, bandra West , Coffee Culture

Nutella Fantasy Shake, Coffee Culture Bandra West

3. Nutella Fantasy Shake
Rs 759
OMG if you are a die hard fan of Nutella , i think you will simply love this shake because all you could taste in this shake was loads of Nutella and very little milky taste, i even licked Nutella from every corner of this shake glass. It had nice fine chunks of chocolate pieces and another layer of whipped cream and finally completed with perfect toppings like the choco fills dark fantasy biscuits and ferrero rocher chocolate placed in the centre. Highly Recommended!

4. Chocolate Volcano
Rs 229
This place is definitely a treat for your tooth with lots of dessert options, tried the Chocolate volcano which had an intense chocolate feast for a true chocolate lover. A base layer of nice warm moist gooey chocolate cake topped with melting the chocolate ice cream and then loaded with lots of whipped cream and finally Chocolate Wafer Rolls.Yummyyyy!!!
Hot Cafe Irish, Coffee Culture

5. Hot Cafe Irish
Rs 200

This was a 3 beautiful layered latte with Irish syrup. It was amazing in taste and I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor.

Choco lava, Coffee Culture

6. Sizzling Choco Lava 
Rs 259 
Awesome taste, it was gooey and the melting ice cream and chocolate was superb and divine in taste. Just perfect.
Cappuccino Coffee Culture

7. Cappuccino 
Perfect Coffee blend.

Coffee Culture

So everything was great there was just one small area which needs improvement and that is when I had visited the place near our seating area the floor was wet as their AC water was constantly dripping, and they should quickly fix that.

My Experience 

Food Taste: Awesome

Service: Good
Staff: Friendly
Ambiance: Excellent (just the AC needs to be fixed)
Crowd: Trendy
Seating: Comfortable 
Wifi: Available
Entertainment: Good Music, Live Sports screening 
USP: Desserts, Healthy Keto Meals, Coffee and Breakfast
Restroom: Available
Quantity: Very Good
Quality: Good
Price: Moderate to Expensive
Wheelchair Accessibility: Not Available
Takes reservations. 
Overall Value for Money: 5*/5 
It's a great place to hang out with friends over good meals. 

Coffee Culture

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Lots of Love
Ambreen Shaikh
Aka Foodhist Journey

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