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India's Favorite Award Winning Tibbs Frankie Review ghistovid foods

Reshmi kebab frankie at Tibbs frankie, bandra west, pali hill

Original #TibbsFrankie & It's Secret Masala

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers #Frankie has been one of the most popular #Streetfood in #India. The most iconic brand which can be easily associated with the word frankie is without a doubt - Tibb's Frankie. Recently i visited the #TibbsFrankie #Bandra West Pali hill outlet and i was pleasantly surprised and happy with how the brand has evolved over time. A journey from having those small street stall setup to a proper revamped well packaged outlet. If you have been a Mumbaikar like me, you would know the value and importance of Tibbs frankie. Earlier when there were hardly any cafe's, food wasn't that expensive, people would mostly eat street food and Frankie was always one of the best snack option for everyone to munch on.

Atleast for me the brand really helped me satisfy my hunger pangs during the school and college days because it was super delicious, quick, accessible and economical. That time there were limited options of Veg and Non Veg Frankie out of which my favorite was ofcourse the regular Veg. Aloo Cheese Frankie and Chicken Masala Frankie with delicious semi dry gravy. Now with the growing market competition Tibbs has launched a all new menu where they have included more frankie flavors, sandwiches and even exotic delicious mouth melting tandoor kebab frankies. They also have combos of fries, drinks and wraps. 

The bandra outlet ambiance was good with limited seating arrangement, self service, nice lively music and it attracts a good trendy crowd mostly youngsters. The kitchen is clean and live kitchen, so you can see your Frankie being prepared in a very hygienic way. The staff was very friendly and even when they had constant online orders they were making sure to give high quality quick service to the customers at the outlet. The paper package in which the frankie is served is also of great quality.

Now coming to the food this is what i tried:

1. Classic Veg Aloo Frankie:

Always top of my list whenever i am confused about which evening snack i want to eat? This is basically a delicious vegetable aloo patty which is filled with awesome flavors , then it is grilled added on the roti along with chilli vinegar, secret spices, onions. Absolutely perfect taste. Highly recommended! incase if you still haven't tried this. 

2. Chicken Masala Frankie:

Amazing Chicken gravy cooked to perfection. This semi dry gravy with delicious chicken pieces is placed on top of a Egg Roti , secret spices and chutneys are put over this, along with the onion , then it's wrapped and served.  
Reshmi kebab frankie at Tibbs frankie, bandra west, pali hill
Reshmi Kebab Frankie at Tibbs Frankie
3. Reshmi Kebab Frankie: 
Perfectly cooked tandoor chicken pieces, marinated well in Indian spices. The kebab taste was amazing but it was little too dry for me i like their semi dry gravy versions better. 

4. BBQ Frankie (available on Weekends)

This is a must try frankie with mind blowing flavors. It's one of my favorite after the regular classic hits.
Amritsari Shikanji at Tibbs Frankie, Fresh lime soda
Amritsari Shikankji

5. Amritsari Shikanji

A normal Fresh lime soda, its very refreshing.

My Experience 

Type: Takeaway (Quick bite joint) 
Speciality: Mumbai Street Food Frankies
Service: Quick
Staff: Friendly 
Seating: Comfortable
Self Service
Parking: Not Available
Quantity: Great
Quality: Excellent
Price: They have obviously increased their prices everything you find here are moderately priced (Rs 100 onwards) Combos are of around Rs 250 range)
Wheelchair Accessibility not available
Overall Value for Money : 5*/5 (nothing beats the amazing Frankie masala)

Tibb's Frankie and it's Secret Masala Journey 

In 1960's the founder of Tibb's Frankie Mr. Amarjit Singh Tibb had visited Beirut where he tasted a lebanese delicacy prepared with pita bread which i am assuming could be a Shawarma or a falafel wrap may be , after that he was really inspired by this whole idea of creating an Indian version of this dish for the Indian market. This fabulous idea was supported by his wife Mrs. Surinder Tibb and then began a journey of endless kitchen experiments and after a year they finally created an award winning unique magical Frankie Masala dish. 

Just like people are still curious to know the secret ingredients in Maggi Masala pack , similarly that excitement and curiosity is also there to find out the secret ingredients for the Mouth watering Tibbs Frankie Masala. I have seen so many people including myself trying to replicate the taste of the masala used to sprinkle over all the Frankies.  After successful tasting sessions this awesomeness was then first launched in Mumbai city in the year 1969, which became one of the most popular street food in no time.

 Today in 2019 the brand is still going strong with a all new revamped look for which the credit goes to the Tibb brothers - Mr. Charanjit Singh Tibb and Mr. Jasmit Tibb. The family has still kept their irresistible  Frankie masala a big family secret, which is only being passed on through generations ahead.

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