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Special Valentine's Day Range Confectionery by Brownie Point India ghistovid foods

 Brownie Points 'Love' Desserts For Valentine's 2019

Pampering Your Taste Buds Since 1997

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Are you looking for a perfect special gift, to express your love to that special someone? How would you feel if your better half gifted you a box full of customized confectionery and gorgeous delicious love desserts? Romantic isn't it? This Valentine's Brownie Point India is playing the cupid where they have brought together an ultimate declaration of love box with a special Valentine's Day range which you can share with the one's you truly deeply love. Be it your soul mate or people who are special in your life, these beautiful gooey chocolate desserts is definitely the best way you can share your feelings and bring an instant smile on their face.

Located at Pali Hill, Bandra West Brownie Point is a dessert parlour which serves a great variety of brownies of course, along with muffins, cakes, cookies, handmade chocolates, sugar free and healthy cakes, pies, tarts, cup cakes, bakery and savoury items etc... for all the dessert lovers this place is great because they have a very detailed extensive menu and endless options to select from. The service was quick and packaging was good, the staff was also very friendly. Now coming to our box filled with happiness, this is what i tried from the wonderful Valentine's Day specials.

Check out the amazing unboxing video:

- Hearts Chocolate #Muffin
Freshly baked loaded chocolate muffin , it was very delicious with a nice fluffy light frosting. 

Chocolate Muffin , Valentine's Day special dessert , brownie point

- #Heart Popsicles #Cake
Beautiful #Chocolate coating filled with lovely gooey dark chocolate cake.  
 Brownie point bandra west, chocolate Popsicle

-Vanilla Sponge Cake Slice
This was more of a childhood delight where you would enjoy spongy slice cakes with creamy toppings. 
Vanilla Chocolate Cake Slice, Brownie point bandra west

- Mini #Macaroons 
So all those who love Macaroons , you will really enjoy these classic french cookies made with almond meal. They serve colorful chocolate , double chocolate, lavender, coffee, strawberry and cotton candy flavours. The taste of each flavour was extremely good.



- Chocolate Mousse Jar
Buttery Salted chocolate cake crumbles in the base covered with beautiful delicious fluffy light mousse. The texture was smooth and velvety. Topped with Chocolate shavings and glazed fresh Strawberry. Highly Recommended! 
Chocolate Mousse Jar, Brownie point, Valentines day special dessert

Chocolate Mousse Jar , Valentine's Day special dessert , brownie point

- Valentine's Strawberry Cake
Lovely layered chocolate and strawberry cake with beautiful cream , fresh strawberry pieces, topped with glazed Strawberry, mini edible hearts and chocolate frosting. Recommended.
Strawberry Chocolate cake, Brownie point, Valentines day special dessert

"Don't be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you..... and remember, shoot for the moon."
 - P.S. I Love you 

My Experience:

Taste: Delicious
Quality: Amazing
Quantity: Great
Price: Inexpensive to Moderate as compared to market competition
Type: Desserts Parlour
Parking: Not Available
Seating: Indoor limited Seating area
Home Delivery: Available
Healthy Gluten free options available
Service: Good
Staff: Good
Overall Value for Money 5*/5

Happy Valentine's 💖💖
Spread lots of Love and Positive vibes only.
Have an amazing time with your loved one's
- Ambreen Shaikh 
aka @Foodhist.Journey
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