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Conscious Food at The Yoga house Cafe Bandra West, Review ghistovid foods

Maxi Protein Cheese Burger at Yoga House Cafe

Experience a Yogi life at The #Yoga house #Cafe

100% Vegan Meals

The Yoga House Cafe is an amazing combination of preserving pre vedic Indian ancient wisdom of #Yoga and its health benefits, along with modern chic sophisticated ambience and organic conscious food. It serves some cutting edge macrobiotic recipes and ancient dietary wisdom and traditions.
Seating at Yoga House Cafe

When I entered this bright green Nargis Villa, I started to have second thoughts because the wooden stairs which led to the cafe felt like may be I am in a wrong place. I reached a Yoga Classroom which is on the 1st floor and then it looked quite interesting. 

This cafe is located on the 2nd floor near Rizvi College Cater Road Bandra West. The interiors felt like as if you are somewhere in Goa. The colour combination of the interiors is very soothing and you will see all beautiful green plants around. We took the best spot in the cafe which is the terrace with a nice glass rooftop , this is like a sacred space with a great collection of health, wellness, mindfulness and spiritual books. Hence here you are supposed to remove your footwear before you enter this space. 

There are both table chair as well as traditional mat floor seating available. The entire ambiance is natural and earthy, though some of the areas do need some repair work. The staff is friendly and service is good. The yoga house cafe serves a variety of healthy vegan meal options, they have really good vegan breakfast options too. Their menu is little restricted as compared to other cafe's in the area but it's mainly because they have tried to serve only good healthy food.   

Now coming to the Food, it was served in brass vessel which again has several health benefits.

This is what I tried

Tartines at Yoga House Cafe

1.  I AM INDULGING  Capri Tartine Rs 325

Grilled Mozzarella,  black olives, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic bread and pepper

The Tartine was nice and fresh with roasted sesame seeds and the flavour was good but I personally didn't find this extraordinary as it could have been more cheezy and I didn't get any taste of the garlic bread. Too expensive for the taste.
The Miracle Beetroot Carrot Juice at Yoga house cafe

2. The Miracle Rs 255

Apple ,Carrot and Beetroot juice

Beautiful colour and amazing taste loved it. Definitely felt like it was some kind of a magic portion.

Coffee , Cappucino at Yoga House Cafe
Jaggery at Yoga House Cafe
Delicious Jaggery used as natural sweetener in Coffee and Tea
3. Cappuccino Rs 165

The Yoga house blend served with delicious  jaggery extremely refreshing
Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger at Yoga house cafe
Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger at Yoga House Cafe
Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger at Yoga house Cafe

4. I AM TONING Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger Rs 300 
5*/5 highly recommend👍
Seasoned with olives, sundried tomatoes, almonds, spinach and celery.
Carrot Juice at Yoga House Cafe

5. Carrot Juice Rs 140 Very refreshing.
Saffron Tea Yoga House Cafe
Enjoy Reading a book at with a Good cup of Saffron Tea at the Yoga House Cafe
6. Saffron Tea Rs 160
Saffron threads, cinnamon, cardamom, served with crushed almonds.
Coconut Water Yoga House Cafe

7. Fresh Coconut Water Rs 90
Yoga House Cafe Bandra West

8. Even tried the traditional Indian Khichdi which could have been better with more rich desi ghee flavour and spices this was also good. 3.8*/5
Khichdi Yoga House Cafe Bandra West

9. Decadant Chocolate Chip Cookie (Eggless) Rs 85
Chocolate chips, flour, cocoa, brown sugar and melted chocolate

Chocolate Cookie Yoga house Cafe bandra west

So I was here with a friend around 4 pm and I left this place around 8:30 pm which clearly gives this one indication that this place has a very comfortable and welcoming environment. We worked here for few hours without any disturbance and if you love books there are some great books on the shelf which you can pick up and read.

*Note: The water served is bottled water for Rs 135.

My Experience

Food: 4*/5
Ambiance: 4*/5
Service: 5*/5
Staff: Very Friendly
Price: Can be priced better as tartine was too Expensive for the taste
Parking: Not Available  (it's in a narrow lane)
Seating: Very comfortable
Quantity: Good
Quality: Great
Restroom: Available
Also Pet friendly
Since i felt really relaxed over here the Overall Value for money me is 4*/5

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