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UNIBIC Oatmeal Digestive Healthy Cookies Product Review ghistovid foods

UNIBIC Oatmeal Daily Digestive Healthy Cookies and Snack Bar

Many conscious household's today are taking action and revamping their eating habits and accepting new healthy lifestyle and diet plans for their entire family. Oily, fatty, unhealthy meals are being replaced by wholesome healthy meals. Healthy food habits and alteration into healthy lifestyle is now becoming the new norm, so before i move on to reviewing the UNIBIC Oatmeal Cookies and health bar i would first like to highlight some amazing benefits of this beautiful ingredient 'Oats'.

Oats is a very popular health nutrient rich food which is loaded with dietary fiber. It contains  antioxidants and are also rich in a range of important minerals, vitamins. Just 100 gms of Oats contain: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, pantothenic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc , copper, manganese. Oats are eaten as porridge, oatmeals, used in baked goods, muffins, granola bars, cookies and now many Indian mom's and housewives are also doing some kitchen inventions where they are using oats in upma, dosa, cutlets, idli etc.... so now we have more delicious options available. 

Now coming back to today's Product Review - 
UNIBIC Oatmeal Daily Digestive Healthy Cookies
UNIBIC Oatmeal Daily Digestive Healthy Cookies

*UNIBIC Oatmeal daily digestive healthy cookies : Rs 40
This is obviously a oatmeal cookie which contains rolled oats, soy, milk, wheat bran and i have already mentioned the benefits of oats earlier if you include it in your daily diet plan. The taste of these cookies is really delicious , what i really liked about this biscuit was that it wasn't way too sweet , had a subtle sweet taste to it and had the perfect crunch. So this can definitely be a to go quick snacking option while you are travelling for work or left home without a proper breakfast, even evening tea time biscuits can be replaced with this healthy biscuit option. What can be improved is that these biscuits are little delicate and the package needs to be handled with care or all the cookies will break. This particular brand Unibic Foods, is one of India’s most loved cookies manufacturers and has introduced healthy snacks with all new Daily Digestive range of cookies. They have amazing variety of flavors.
The Unibic Oatmeal comprises of a whopping 26% fibre to reduce cholesterol and helps in digestion too. These cookies balances the fibre intake in the body, reduces cholesterol and BP and are also a good go-to-option for diabetic consumers at the same time it helps in maintaining stronger bones and it's high on energy. 

UNIBIC Choco Nutty Nut Healthy Snack Bar
UNIBIC Choco Nutty Nut Healthy Snack Bar 

*Choco Nutty Nut (Healthy Snack Bar): Rs 40
With 40% Nuts - Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios, 18% Cereals Rolled Oats,Rice crispies, Wheat flakes, Corn flakes and honey, cocoa. The taste of this snack bar had good cereals,chocolate and nutty taste, this health bar improves metabolism and boosts memory.

My Experience

Taste: Delicious 
Packaging : Good but product needs to be handled with care
Branding: Good
Health benefits: Amazing
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: Good
Price: Inexpensive , this is so rightly priced ,if we can afford junk food, cold drinks, chips etc... we can definitely afford this healthy snack :)
Available: In stores all across India

Overall Value for Money 5*/5

For more options check out Unibic Cookie land - http://unibicfoods.com/

To tell you a little about me , honestly i am the kind of a person who is not so health conscious but one thing i truly believe in is conscious good vibe foods, which can make you feel happy and make you have positive thoughts , like for me it's all about soul, feelings , connections and what and how a particular food makes me feel. There are many scientific evidence and research that confirms, food actually has the ability to change and influence your thoughts , your mental, physical and emotional strength and has a great impact on your overall health. So why not eat health foods which are also tasty?

Take Care. Stay healthy and happy 💗

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