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"Me Time" Art Cafe, Khar, Mumbai - When Art Meets Food ghistovid foods

Hummus Platter (Red Pepper + Chilli, Cumin + Pumpkin and Kale + Crisps), Cafe in bandra , cafes in bandra , me time art cafe
Hummus Platter - Me Time Art Cafe

Me Time Art Cafe - Unwind. Create. Grow 

Relax and Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with creative Arts at this newly launched Me Time Art Cafe, which is located at Khar West, Mumbai. This is a out of the box walk in Art Studio + Cafe which serves a variety of spectacular delicious European, Indian, Continental, Oriental cuisines with Vegan Healthy meal options. Being a creative person myself , a #Bandraite #foodie and a proud #GoogleLocalGuide i love exploring new places and especially exciting places like these with a purpose, luckily for me i don't have to go too far as bandra is one of the main hub area where many new restaurants are opening within a short period of time. 

The ambiance of Me Time Art Cafe is so attractive, vibrant and colorful. It just give's you a very feel good vibe and makes you feel alive as soon as you enter this place. The owner, management are so friendly and welcoming to make you feel comfortable, the staff is really well trained and know the menu really well to guide you. The interiors are very innovative with beautiful choice of colorful chairs, soothing artworks rightly placed all around the cafe in the dining area , there is a nice outdoor space with a couch and a nice barbecue set up surrounded by artworks, they have a separate painting brainstorming space , where you can meet Sunayana who is so amazing to talk to , she will guide you through the arts and concepts which is filled with canvases, paintings, custom painted items like glass, shoes, mugs etc... No matter how busy or dull your day has been, you can get any item along with you to the cafe, which you desire to paint or transform into a art piece take help of a Art teacher sip some refreshments and reset yourself. They have even focused on minute interior details like i noticed a door with paint brush handle on it, motivational quotes around, small miniature statues, graffiti walls etc...Me Time Art Cafe also host some Me Time Art workshops with professional Art teachers for all age groups which you can join and learn. 
Now coming to the food i must say the food was so good each item on the menu was a piece of art in itself served on a wooden palette board such a wow idea , so let's get started: 

Hummus Platter (Red Pepper + Chilli, Cumin + Pumpkin and Kale + Crisps), me time art cafe

Hummus Platter (Red Pepper + Chilli, Cumin + Pumpkin and Kale + Crisps)

1. Hummus Platter (Red Pepper + Chilli, Cumin + Pumpkin and Kale + Crisps)  Rs 280
Hummus a very popular middle east dish has a all new look at the Me time Art cafe where each element is perfectly placed on the wooden palette board. This smooth dips have 3 versions (Red, White and Green) on the board made from mashed chickpeas and beans blended with tahini and olive oil. One had subtle chilli flavor, second one was nice smooth and rich taste and third one had a hint of sweet sesame taste. Garnished with slices of carrot and raddish, crispy kale, pomegranates, drizzled with olive oil. Served with small Pita bread pocket discs and snack crisps. The presentation was just spot on inspired from a Artist's palette board with paint colors and paint brush. 
Highly recommended!  
Apple + Almond Crumble, me time art cafe, ice cream
Apple + Almond Crumble, me time art cafe, cafe in bandra, cafe in khar, desserts in bandra

2. Apple + Almond Crumble (brown butter + Vanilla ice cream (eggless) Rs 250
WOW i have not seen a better representation of Almond Apple Crumble, perfectly cooked glazed delicious apple pieces topped with butter almond crumble who's texture could have been improved but taste was amazing placed in short glassed, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream placed between nicely glazed apple slices garnished with sliced Almonds and thyme. Lovely taste, Loved it.  Recommended.
Nutella Banana Waffle, Nutella, Me time art cafe, cafe in bandra

4. Nutella Banana Waffle Rs 200
So basically this would take 20 minutes to arrive on your table as it is always made fresh to order but when it arrives you will surely lovely it. #Waffle was perfectly cooked had a nice rich taste of #Nutella and banana slices. Must try!
Banana + Apple + Dragon Fruit + Beetroot + Coconut milk #Smoothie, me time art cafe, cafe in bandra

2. Banana + Apple + Dragon Fruit + Beetroot + Coconut milk #Smoothie Rs 220
A nice thick smoothie which has a bright beautiful beetroot color , delicious taste of apple , banana, dragon fruit and coconut milk topped with attractive slice of dragon fruit. It's a very filling healthy smoothie. Delicious!

My Experience: 

Type: Vegetarian Restaurant
Concept: Art Cafe (Even host Art workshops)
Wifi: Free Wifi Available
Cuisines: European, Indian, Continental, Oriental cuisines with Vegan Healthy meal options
Pets: Pet Friendly 
Options: Gluten free, Jain food, Keto options available 
Taste: Amazing 
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: Good
Price: Moderate
Parking: Valet Parking Available 
Highlights: Excellent place to get your kids
Service: Excellent
Staff: Friendly 
Overall Value for Money 5*/5

Hope this review has answered many of your questions and it helps you on your next visit to this place. For more such reviews check out the restaurant reviews section on my page. 

By the way incase if you are an Art enthusiast or Art collector/ buyer then do check out Sacred Healing Arts which i recently came across, they are really interesting #Arts based on color therapy and much more.. by Sacred Factory which is an associate brand of School of Awakening UK, it is now available in India. Sacred Healing Arts (SHAs) are a cutting edge, empowering art, acting as medication for the soul. The arts uplift both the viewer and the environment they’re in. They’re the perfect present for your loved ones, as you gift more joy, love, or abundance to their lives! 
To find more about these unique Sacred Healing Arts you can contact: 
UK - Gold Hub: Tel: 020 3371 7102 or India: Tel: 0091 5239 6805, Email: tsf@schoolofawakening.com.

For any query write to me - Ambreen at Foodhist.Journey@gmail.com 
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Lot's of Love!

Thank you!
Ambreen aka
Foodhist Journey
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