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Crop To Cup at Coffee By Di Bella ghistovid foods

Coffee By Di Bella, Pasta, Bandra Mumbai

Coffee By Di Bella - The Ultimate Coffee Experience

Coffee By Di Bella is an Australian brand founded by Philip Di Bella in 2002 in Brisbane, Australia.
This is one of the best coffee brand's currently existing in the market. They promote Crop to Cup philosophy where they build direct relationships and work in sync with coffee-growing communities, to bring the ultimate coffee experience to its customers. They have different taste parameters, pre-blends are evaluated using cupping tasting technique, they maintain consistency in roasting technique and then it is finally packed without breaking or crushing the beans. So no wonder the coffee taste is so amazingly delicious. The brand currently plans for 100 stores pan-India in the next three to five years.

I recently visited their Turner Road, Bandra West outlet, which i have visited few times before. As usual the food is amazing , the ambiance and interiors is really attractive and catchy. The staff is decent , service can be a little more quick. This branch attracts a trendy crowd and is really good place to have short meetings and discussions over a cup of coffee. I usually go here for most of my corporate meetings.

Now coming to the food this is what i tried:

1. Peanut Butter Frappe Rs 210
Really good taste of peanut butter , nice nutty flavor.

2. Garlic Bread Rs 130
This bread was too oily and too garlicky for me, sorry i didn't enjoy it too much. The idea of chilli flakes and herbs in the center was good but the bread could have been a little softer and less oily.

3. Penne Pasta Cheese Sauce with Exotic Veggies
Rs 345
Pasta is really good out here, chunks of veggies broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, carrot etc.. the sauce was little dry, it could have been more creamy and saucy. Taste was perfect.
Penne Pasta White Cream Cheese Sauce, Coffee By Di Bella, Band Stand, Mumbai
Penne Pasta White Cream Cheese Sauce
4. Childhood Wonderland Freak Shake
Rs 350
This was disappointing it was white chocolate milkshake. Thick white chocolate ganache with cream, rainbow crispy pearls, Sydney marshmallows, swirls of whipped cream, topped with hot pink and yellow strawberry chocolate. Leaving the marshmallows and cream rest of the elements were way too sweet for me and the milkshake wasn't great in taste. I like the other Freak shakes here but childhood wonderland wasn't as good as i expected.
Childhood Wonderland Freakshake, Marshmellows, Cream, Milkshake, Coffee By Di Bella, Bandra, Mumbai
Childhood Wonderland Freakshake
Childhood Wonderland Freakshake, Coffee By Di Bella, Bandra West, Mumbai
Childhood Wonderland Freakshake
5. Cappuccino 
Rs 170 5*/5
Perfect taste!
Coffee By Di Bella Cappucino, Coffee, Coffee Time, bandra, Mumbai
6. Nutella Waffle
Rs 260
The #Nutella #Waffle had freshly baked belgian waffle, french vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and nutella chocolate. Really amazing in taste. The waffle was fresh and perfectly cooked.
Nutella Waffle
You also get really good All Day Breakfast options here. I have really enjoyed most of the items in their breakfast menu.

Since it is located down a residential building there are few suggestions which the brand can execute to keep up with its service and class. I love the outdoor seating area here but still i dont prefer sitting outdoors at this outlet because in this residential building there are people draining their clothes and drying them on their windows, all the water from the window is splashed down on the customers seating area. There was also an incident where the AC water was all over the floor , somehow the entrance was always wet when i visited and last time luckily the water dripped on the chair next to me. Another annoying part of sitting outdoor are the beggars on the road, twice during my meeting with foreign delegates the beggar actually tapped one of my guest and asked for food or Rs 500. So i think the staff should somehow manage that aspect as well. There is also a garbage recycle trash can just placed outside the restaurant which is a good thing but the problem is that you always land up getting flies on your delicious food and mostly desserts when you sit outside. I know these are external factors but it does impact the brand.

My Experience

Taste: Delicious
Quality: Amazing
Quantity: Amazing
Price: Moderate
Outlet: Bandra West , Turner Road
Ambiance: Indoor : Amazing, Outdoor: OK
Crowd: Trendy
Staff: Good
Service: Good
Washroom: Available
Parking: Not Available
Overall Value for Money 4.5*/5

Thank you!
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