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Pocket Friendly Meals at Wok Express - Asian food for every mood.😍 #ALLWOKSOFLIFE ghistovid foods

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Wok Express

#WokExpressIndia Food Review😍 

If you are an Asian cuisine lover and looking for something really delicious and inexpensive or moderately priced then Wok Express is just the perfect pick as they have some amazing money saving deals. 

Located at Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East Wok Express is surrounded by corporate hubs and attracts corporate as well as young trendy crowd. This outlet is a takeaway joint without any seating arrangements and hence it's the best that you order online instead of visiting this place as they have many orders and it can exceed your waiting time.

Now coming to the delicious food this is what i ordered:

In Starters

Chicken Wings Peri Peri, wok express, chicken wings, chinese
Chicken Wings Peri Peri
1. Chicken Wings Peri Peri Rs 125 2 pcs
Perfectly cooked chicken in nice spicy peri peri sauce with a kick of heat and nice subtle flavours of spices. It was superb if you like spicy food.
Sriracha Chicken Dumplings , wok express, food review, foodhist journey, dumplings, momos
Sriracha Chicken Dumplings

2. Dumplings Chicken Sriracha Surprise Dumpling with chilli oil sauce Rs 180 5 pcs
I was so looking forward to these Huy Fong's Sriracha Dumplings😍 and the chilli oil sauce. These were perfectly cooked dumplings had a very unique taste to it as it had a nice blend of tangy and hot sriracha sauce and juicy chicken served with chilli flaky oil dry sauce. It wasn't too saucy good dumplings.
Assorted Veggies Dumplings, wok express, chinese cuisine, dumplings, momos
Assorted Veggies Dumplings

3. Assorted Veggies in Chinese chilli Sauce Rs 220  5pcs
Oh wow this was a star dish nice delicious Schezwan sauce at the bottom and perfectly cooked soft veggie non spicy dumplings placed on top of the sauce garnished with crushed peanuts awesome taste.
Assorted Veggies Dumplings, wok express, chinese cuisine, food review, momos, dumplings, bandra, mumbai
Assorted Veggies Dumplings
Chilli Chicken Bao, Bao, Chinese Cuisine
Chilli Chicken Bao

4. Chilli Chicken Bao Rs 150 2 pcs
If you are a bao lover do try this chilli chicken bao. The bao was smooth, soft ,warm and had a subtle sweetness to it with medium spicy shreads of chicken tossed in dry chilli chinese gravy.
Wok Box, Wok Express, make your own wok
Make you own Wok Box
5. Make your own wok M Rs 395
Base: Flat wheat noodles
Veggies: Mushroom, bean sprouts, zucchini, pakchok, baby corn ,carrot
Protein: Paneer
Gravy: Chilli Basil Sauce (chilli, basil and soya)
Seasoning: Burnt garlic, peanuts n fried onion

Wow! The taste was amazing nice nutty, burnt, sweet, spicy, tangy flavours the non sticky flat noodles were also delicious and perfectly cooked. Do try it and in their current on going offer with a Wok box they give a Bubble iced tea for just Rs 50 (Super saver deal)
Wok box, Wok Express
Make your own wok
Wok Box
Ramen Noodles, Wok Express, make your own wok box, food review, mumbai , chinese cuisine, asian cuisine
Ramen Noodles Wok Box
6. Hot crispy garlic with ramen noodles P Rs 175
Omg this one was super super spicy and had a bomb of flavours. Stir fried veggies - pepper mix, zucchini, button mushroom, fried onion.
Ramen Noodles Wok Express, Wok Box, Chinese cuisine, Asian Cuisine
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles , wok express, mumbai
Ramen Noodles Wok Express
Peach bubble Iced Tea drink

7. Bubble Peach Iced tea Rs 50
Really refreshing lovely Peach Iced Tea it wasn't very sweet. I found the bubbles little chewy and it could be like a pop translucent bubble but this was good too.  
Assorted veggies gravy , wok express
Assorted Veggies Gravy


8. Assorted veggies in Chinese chilli sauce gravy Rs 220
Nice good medium spicy Chinese gravy with exotic veggies 
Assorted veggies gravy , wok express
Assorted Veggies Gravy
Veg Schezwan Rice Wok Express, schezwan sauce, schezwan rice, chinese cuisine
Veg Schezwan Rice
9. Veg Schezwan Rice Rs 160
3.8*/ 5
Stir fried rice in Schezwan sauce it wasn't long rice but tasted very good.
Wok Express

#BaskinRobbins #IceCream
Honey Nut Crunch Rs 69
5*/5 😍

Wok box, Wok Express

In any restaurant all of this would cost me a bomb but here I really saved money with the best deals, good quantity and yummy food. My total bill for all the above items was just Rs 1684 and me and my office colleagues really enjoyed the meal.

Also it is commendable that they haven't used any plastic in their packaging very good packaging and paper bags. I will suggest to carry a cloth bag along if you order many items like I did.

My Experience

Taste: Delicious
Quantity: Good
Quality: Good
Price: Inexpensive to Moderate
Service: Waiting time was more because of the orders as I had visited the outlet and had a big order but the service was still very good, better to order online
Staff: Very friendly
Ambience: It was OK -Takeaway joint
Seating: Not Available
Parking: Available
Packaging: Good
Overall Value For Money 5*/ 5 because though there was no seating area and waiting was there but the delicious soul satisfying food just made our day. Simply Amazing!

Zomato Review by @foodhist.journey
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Learn More about Wok Express - https://www.wokexpress.com/

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