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Delicious Authentic Sindhi Cuisine at Sindhi Zaika Review ghistovid foods

Sindhi Cuisine, Sindhi Zaika

Sindhi Zaika brings Sindhi / Baloch Authentic Cuisine At Your Doorstep

Sindhi Zaika is a new delivery kitchen located in Mahim, Mumbai, which serves delicious authentic traditional Sindhi cuisine. 

Being born and brought up in one of the most diverse amazing society in Mumbai city, where there are Christian's, Punjabi's, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Muslim's and majority of Sindhi's. It's been super exciting journey to stay in mixed cultures where you get to enjoy different kinds of Indian Cuisine. #iloveIndia #iloveIndianfood. Hence since childhood i have had the opportunity to taste different kinds of popular Homemade Sindhi food like - Adrak ja pakoda, Meetha lolo, Chola Chaap, Seyal Patata, buga chawal, curry etc... and today i decided to try food from Sindhi Zaika and let me tell you i wasn't disappointed at all. 
The food was delivered fresh, hot and on time.The staff and service was also really good and quick.

Now coming to the food this is what i tried:

Sindhi Sana Pakoda, Chana Dal Samosa & Bhee Aloo Tikki
Sindhi Sana Pakoda, Chana Dal Samosa & Bhee Aloo Tikki

 1. Sana Pakoda (price as per bulk order) 5*/5
 Sana pakora is basic onions, spices, chick pea flour mixture deep fried and made into these yummy pakoras, which are perfect for evening snacks, very crispy and tasty. 

 2. Chana Dal Samosa (Patti Samosa) (price as per bulk order) 5*/5
 I loved these samosas the chana dal inside was perfectly cooked in dry spices. 
 The cover of the samosa was nice and crisp. Highly recommend!

 3. Aloo Tuk 8 pcs Rs 170 5*/5
 Aloo tuk are these thick round pieces of potata which are deep fried and 
 then indian dry spices like turmeric, coreinder powder, mango powder, red chilli powder etc... are sprinkled on top of these fried potatoes.It was Medium spicy and really good in taste.

Kulcha, Aloo Tuk
Kulcha & Aloo Tuk

 4. Koki 2 pcs Rs 140 5*/5
 This is one of the most famous and common Indian bread in Sindhi Cuisine, 
 which is made of wheat flour, onions, spices and it taste's amazing with curd.

 5. Mooli Pulao per KG Rs 400 4.5*/5 
 This is something i tried for the very first time. I never thought and heard about radish and eggplant pulao. It had very tasty basmati rice and it was loaded with any spices, it was such a simple dish. I loved the bright yellow colour of the pulao which was visually very appealing and taste was also good.
Sindhi Sai Bhaji
Sindhi Sai Bhaji

 6. Sai Bhaji Rs 180 5*/5 
 Sai bhaji was a mixture of different vegetables like brinjal, potato, lotus stem and spinach etc.. made in nice thick gravy. Again i ate lotus stem for the first time in gravy. I have eaten lotus chips before but this had a very unique taste. Delicious!

 7. Sindhi Kadhi Chawal Rs 180 4.5*/5
 A nice tangy curry cooked with mixed vegetables drumsticks, guar bean, potato, bottle gourd etc... 
Simple and yummy dish. 
Besan ji Tikki ji bhaji, Sindhi Zaika
Besan ji Tikki ji bhaji

 8. Bhee Aloo Tikki 2 pcs Rs 150 (lotus stem and potato tikki) 5*/5
 This was something like potato vada but it had a mixture of lotus and potato coated with chick pea flour mixture and deep fried.

 9. Besan ji Tikki ji bhaji Rs 220 4*/5
 This was once again a first time experience for me, it was a nice tasty mixture of semi dry thich gravy which had chopped tomotoes, onions, garlic, tamarind etc.. and the chick pea flour tikki was cooked with this gravy. The taste was good. 
dahi boondi
Dahi Boondi 

 10. Dahi Boondi Rs 90 5*/5
 I always love dahi boondi, mostly with paratha's it is an amazing combo. 

11. Kulcha: 5*/5
Nice soft kulcha's (white breads) which had a little bit of sweetness to it.   

 My Experience

 Delivery: On Time 
 Packaging: Clean spill proof plastic containers with compact packaging and delivered in paper bag.
 Price: Depends on the quantity ordered, i would suggest for parties and get together's its a good option if you are looking to try homemade food and a new cuisine. 
 Quality: Excellent
 Quantity: Good
 Staff: Friendly
 Service: Good
 Overall Value for Money: 5*/5 

I really enjoyed this authentic Sindhi Thali experience during Navratri festive season which was something new for me. The best part is that the food is packed with nutrients,its really simple and light on your tummy. 
Must Try!

#HappyNavratri Everyone.

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Thank you!

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