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Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive Food Review ghistovid foods

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Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive Review

Coffee By Di Bella is located at Linking road Bandra West and it attracts a very trendy crowd. There are two exclusive outlets one is in Bandra and other one is in Malad. As soon as I entered this place, it took me in a mini dream world where i was imagining myself as Alice in Wonderland like situation with Mad Hatter's tea / #coffee party scene running in my mind. Why? 
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Because the low and high rise seating's of this place, couch, chandelier, multiple mirror frames are so attractive. Interiors are beautifully done, so you will definitely not get bored here. Even the service is excellent, the entire staff is well trained, very humble and inviting. A special mention to the server Sunil who is truly inspiring, he takes special care of customers make sure to meet him and get inspired. Superb team!

Now coming to the food this is what i tried:

1. Rose Cappuccino Rs 210

So Romantic! This espresso based coffee had a perfect foam with gorgeous rose petals layered on top of the cappuccino. If you love the flavour of Rose you will definitely love this coffee.

Rose Cappuccino
Rose Cappuccino 
Rose Cappuccino

2. Mexican Omlete Rs 275

If you are looking for a nice healthy breakfast then you must try this. The Omlete was delicious. It was very fluffy and there was a layer of tasty dry medium spicy beans mixture placed in between the Omlete. It was served with Hash brown and baked tomato with 3 side dips - salsa, cheese sauce and sour cream. Recommended!

3. French Onion Grilled Cheese Rs 315

This sandwich has a super long pull apart melting cheese and caramelised onions sandwiched between perfectly Grilled Brioche. If you are a lover of caramelised onions flavour, you will really like this sandwich. It has a little bit sweetness and the quantity of cheese is amazing, only the brioche is little bit thick. The fries served with the sandwich and the salad both were great in taste.

French Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwich

4. Chia Berry Bowl Rs 325

Highly Recommended! A must have. This is one of the best dish served here. The flavours were so smooth and yummy. It had delicious taste of berry Greek yogurt, Chia seeds with fresh pomegranate and pumpkin seeds. Lovely presentation, so soothing to your eyes, mind, body and soul. Very healthy and amazing option to start your day with. I loved it.

Chia Berry Smoothie Bowl

5. Wonderland Ice Cream Croissant Rs 300

Wonderland is a Woww dish. It is butter croissant filled with 3 scoops of ice cream vanilla and chocolate flavour , topped with universal favourite rich smooth chocolate sauce and garnished with beautiful rainbow crisp pearls. Highly recommended!

6. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (Premium Blend) Rs 250

Nitrogen infused cold brew coffee with a smooth cream texture. So basically this premium coffee is steeped for almost 18 hours along with orange peels to extract all the flavours. This one is not for the weak hearts, it's very strong to give you a kickstart in the day. If you are a fan of strong coffee you must try this.

7.Veg Penne Pasta in white sauce: Rs 300
Exotic veggies in creamy cheesy white sauce extremely delicious. I think i could have more of this and was actually feeling sad when i finished the plate. It was that delicious😍 highly recommended!
Veg Penne Pasta 
8. Gold Dust Cappuccino: Rs 200
4*/5Glitters! Glitters!Edible Gold Dust cappuccino which has a normal taste of cappuccino with just an extra glitter of gold. Apart from the amazing attractive look It didn't have anything extraordinary in taste.

Gold Dust Cappuccino
9. Nutella Waffle: Rs 2605*/5Freshly baked Belgian waffle, French vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and nutella chocolate was so heavenly. Awesome Highly recommended! 😍😍😍😍
Nutella Waffle
Nutella Waffle 
10. Cappuccino

11. Childhood Wonderland Freakshake Rs 350
 Luscious premium white chocolate milkshake thick white chocolate Ganache with rich cream, rainbow crispy pearls, Sydney Marshmellows, Swirls of whipped cream, Topped with hot pink and yellow strawberry chocolate. It really looks gorgeous and appealing to the eyes but my rainbow candy was dripping and it was all a mess plus there were too many colour's i ate so overall for me it was ok.

Wonderland Freakshake
12. Melbourne Freakshake Rs 350
Luscious Premium chocolate milkshake thick chocolate ganache with rich cream, dark chocolate crispy pearls, Milk chocolate shots, Victorian chocolate sticks, Oreo's Swirls of whipped cream, topped with Aussie Waffle. Awesome!

Melbourne Freakshake

Also there were some other options of Healthy Smoothie Bowls and Shakes which you can try 

My Experience

Food taste: Delicious
Presentation: Awesome
Crowd: Trendy
Ambiance: Amazing
Seating: Comfortable and has a variety seating choice as per your needs.
Staff: Excellent very friendly
Service: Quick, very efficient
Quality: Superb
Quantiy: Excellent
Parking: Not Available
Restroom: Available
Price: Moderate to Expensive
Overall value for money 5*/5

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Author: Ambreen Shaikh 
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