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Edible Gold Dust Cappuccino ghistovid foods

Gold Dust Cappuccino, Coffee by Di bella, Mumbai, Bandra, India
Gold Dust Cappuccino

Edible Gold Dust Cappuccino

Glitters! Glitters! Take a sip of Gold

Coffee By Di Bella is serving some edible Gold Dust Sparkling Cappuccino at their outlets and i was extremely excited to try it out. The look of this Gold Dust Cappuccino is picture perfect. For few minutes i was just staring at this gorgeous looking cup because i didn't really feel like ruining the glitter. Recently on social media you will see a great variety of innovations in foods with edible gold making it look extremely attractive. Now in restaurants the presentation of food has become a crucial aspect of business even the street food is serving some amazing extraordinary well presented food. 

To up their game restaurants are trying their best to introduce never heard before food items. In India and Internationally we have seen sweets , desserts with thinly pounded sheets of pure gold and silver edible leafs , flakes and dust. Also $1000 Gold Chicken wings, Gold leaf Macarons, Burgers, Bagels, $ 1,300 Decadent Cupcakes, Wispa Gold Bar,  Doughnuts, The Guinness Sushi, Tea Buds etc etc.... the list is just growing

Gold dust, Cappuccino, Gold Coffee

Is Gold Dust Safe to Consume?

Well there are alot of edible food gold items available in the market , its non toxic, edible, odorless, tasteless but definitely in my opinion it cannot be considered pure food. For now some studies have shown that its harmless if you to consume edible gold but some are also researching more to find out the pros and cons. I wouldn't recommend this for kids, its just better to keep them away from all the glitter foods. For now i enjoyed it, the taste was just like a normal cup of cappuccino perfectly prepared with espresso and steamed milk foam. It didn't have anything extraordinary in taste apart from the glittery attractive look. So if you wish to add some sparkles in your coffee then do give it a try.

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